Communication, onboarding... Streaming? :)

Hello everyone,

While discussing with all of you of the upcoming meeting in Stockholm, it gave me an idea :

Why not using streaming during our meetings or workshops ?

  1. that could give people a glimpse of who we are, what we are doing, how we are doing it

  2. that could provide scientific documentation for the project (and for reviews)

  3. that could help each one of us foster onboarding from our own local communities.

It could be a simple video, could be something participative (webinar / periscope-like streaming video).

@Noemi and @Nadia and @costantino and @zoescope and @lakomaa : is it something you are familiar with ? do you think it could be easily feasible, using the opencare YouTube channel for instance ? We could also broadcast it through the opencare Facebook page (I don’t know how complex it is) and post a link on the opencare community pages.

What you think ?

How about broadcasting Erik’s conference, for a start ?

@lakomaa: Of course, if you agree to do so :slight_smile:

Because audio

To get high quality audio, everyone needs to speak into a microphone. That makes interaction awkward and contrived. Imagine a workshop where everybody has to go to a microphone all the time!

Streaming works well for TED-style presentation: one person speaks, others listen. Not so much for interactive stuff.

Erik’s session

How about first trying it in a situation where people are quite static - conference / seminar / mini-talks like Alessandro’s on arduino day?

I don’t know exactly what Erik has planned so far, but it could be an opportunity to try, don’t you think ?

That makes sense

Static stuff is more conducive to streaming, though there is some overhead.

A way to make it simpler is to video+audio record rather than stream, then upload the file. That way people can look it up at any time.

If we are to hold a panel with external researcher…

…this will be quite easy to broadcast (then we can have mikes).

I do not know what is requiered though, but the room we are in have audio etc.

we have some experiece

during these year @ wemake we made some workshop and events in streaming (using hangout on air that also record them)

on our youtube channel you can see some example such as this

by the way:

during the first consortium meeting in brussel I started an hangout for Moushira and the audio was not bad at all. some issue about the video but the meeting was understandable.

Great !

That’s so cool that you can provide expertise on that too :slight_smile:

Do you think it would take much time to prepare it ? Would we need a lot of gear ? How could we proceed ?

ping - @Costantino@lakomaa

Do you think it would take much time to prepare it ?

Would we need a lot of gear ?

How could we proceed ?