Communication team

Welcome on board, this is the page where we coordinate comms for Lote5, brainstorm ideas and plan the work ahead.

First is first: follow the updates on the social media calendar and start sharing! Use the #lote5 hashtag.

Some tasks you can take on in order to earn a ticket

Go through old content on Edgeryders and summarize key fail stories

Prepare social media headlines

Join the #countonme mailing list to share updates about LOTE

Join the Edgeryders distributed social media team via Twitterfeed (discarded)

Create press release for twitterstorm in January (discarded)

Lead a community call and document it online

Help compile communication materials from previous and ongoing projects

Send weekly recaps to everyone registered (in progress)

Create your own logo for LOTE5 (done)

Create a new landing page for LOTE5 for A/B testing (done)

Build December newsletters (done)

new ones to be added as we move…

Got other ideas?

We’re up for rolling with any crazy ideas, so shoot by commenting below or immediately set yourself a new task.


New task for the comms!

Hello team, just wanted to let you know some Edgeryders coming to Brussels are already keen on spreading news about Living on the Edge and now’s the time to deploy comms in full swing. Plus it’s an easy way to earn tickets to the event, for you and friends?

We have a list of great sessions and speakers lineup in the making, as well as a beautiful intro about the event which we can share - Failure as a common resource: how and why we are coming together in 2016.

How we are doing it? From previous events, it seems to be easier to do social media (unfunded in most small organisations) if more people share the workload and receive 2-3 headlines/ideas a day to share immediately. Up for it? Here's where you can sign up for the mailing list. See you soon!

Online Media Support

Dear friends, Hello to everyone <3

What if i make my contribution with covering the gathering and spreading information via Caucasus Art Magazine? We can be official Partners.

See us on Facebook >> 

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Anuka, coverage in your magazine sounds great. Is there any way you could help ahead of the event too, by picking one of the tasks listed above? There’s so much to do communication-wise.

I’ve already joined the mailing list

Join the countonme mailing list to share updates about LOTE - See more at:

Nothing has come on mail yet. I am able to make Page on site and share the information and updates. 

Anyone up for internal communication with participants?

Hello team,

I just posted a new task, so if you haven’t earned your ticket yet this might be a good chance. Here it is.

Late but ready to run!

Hey Guys!

I’m joining you late, but I’m ready to get up to speed and contribute to the event! Where do you need help most?

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Ok… here comes.

What a surprise @Justyna_Krol! It’s been a while, welcome back and looking forward to catch up. Still in Konin?

  1. First thing to do would be to share a little about yourself for those who don;t know you - try a FuckUp bio?

  2. Another thing to help with is to collect a number of key info from participants, maybe all in one go: emergency contacts/phone no.; food alergies; a one sentence fuckup bio info from everyone coming to put it on the nametags (currently in design). and anything we may be missing. Just create a new task in the LOTE5 workspace and assign yourself to it, and let’s take it from there.

Also comms wise, we were talking with @communalspoon that it could be of help to set up a post where it’s better explained how LOTE participants can help. Truth is we have been sending confirmation emails to participants with list of things to help with + publish tasks all the time on the facebook event + weekly community calls, but the threshold is too high for most… so the people getting through are those who get in touch or comment online and just go: what can I do? Thoughts?

So… hope you’re not sorry for asking to help now :slight_smile:

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