Communication Work Batch 1

The background to this work is that Edgeryders (ER) will be running a number of activities. Each of which has its own objectives, thematics and target groups. What they all have in common is that they are aimed at improving our ability to collectively respond to the ongoing pandemic crises, as well as to build resilience ahead of future ones (hint: climate & eco ). We wish to build small communication crews around each activity, so as to drive participation in it and draw widespread coverage on niche and mainstream media:

  • Newsfeed: Highlighting “bestof” content to spark and grow participation in ER conversations
  • Booksprint: Collecting thought provoking status updates that people have posted on commercial social media, sparking and growing discussions around them and then weaving it all together
  • Summits: A series of webinars and follow up exchange on an online forum around a shared theme
Activity Themes
Newsfeed Based on weekly selection of content from the platform.
Booksprint Taking notes from the present, Learning for the future
Summit Good Work & shared prosperity
Summit Next Gen Entrepreneurship - Post Capitalist/ Climate Resilient / Regenerative
Summit Alternative Economic & Tech development for (Climate) Resilient communities, cities, regions and planet
Summit Community Powered Care - Citizen Powered Resilience
Summit Migration
Summit Life and Tech after Covid
Online Hackathon OCI LAB: P2P incubation & acceleration of projects
Online Hackathon OCI LAB: P2P incubation & acceleration of projects
Summit What have we learned through the conversations and interactions with one another about Business, Policy, Politics, Technology development and Science? Where to do from here?

Who do we want to reach?

  • People who run pension funds. We want them to change investment priorities or criteria to include local actors that improve self sufficiency/ lessen dependence on complex supply chains.
  • People leading trade unions, and their members.We want them to pressure governance institutions to experiment alternative economic development models with an emphasis on resilience.
  • Leaders of public administrations, with focus on specific cities and regions. We want them to introduce and finance long term participatory experiments in their regions, cities and towns (at least one mandate period).
  • Heads of the largest philanthropies & public funding bodies. We want them to put money into funding models that incentivise cooperation and consistent information exchange and structuring to build collective intelligence and action.
  • Heads of advocacy organisations e.g Avaaz or Greenpeace (that are not dependent on institutional funding). We want them to channel some of their constituents energy into new initiatives to build local resilience to shocks.
  • Next generation entrepreneurs (post-capitalist/ deep green): We want them to provide the examples of alternative economic activity models, and relationships to the world around them, in action.
  • Mainstream media (Influential Business and finance publications): We want them to draw visibility to insights generated around the selected themes, as well as to the people and work featured in the booksprints, summits and hackathons. .

Priority things we want to get done this week: Let us know if any of this is for you!


Animate & grow our social media and newsletter following.

• Newsletters: Conversion rate 5%
• Social media; Conversion rate per status update: 3-5%
• Unique visitors per URL Promoted: 1000
• Grow our mailing list subscription by 50%" "
• Draw attention to the best content posted on
• Spread awareness of Edgeryders as a space for deepr conversation around meaningful, interesting and relevant topics • Make visible the great conversations, collaborations, people and projects that are either active on the community platform or consist of/ are facilitated/supported/ or driven by members of our community.
• Make visible our community activities such as weekly community checkin and coordination calls , co-creation calls and webinars." "Starting immediately and running till November.

• Edit/produce weekly newsletter. Picking up content from a list provided by community managers.
• Edit/ produce event description texts for the weekly community call to drive registration to the events.
• Edit, and Produce status updates for, individual posts featured in the weekly newsletter.

Visual/graphic/audiovisual design:
• Invitation flyer for Community Calls + Event page content + 3 Flyers + 10 Status updates
• Flyer for Weekly reminder to come to Community Call on theme + 3 Flyers + 10 Status updates
• 12 Flyers to promote emergent ideas from the platform (2 per month, source content will be provided by community managers)

Social media management:
• Find images to use/generate them on make them from scratch/ Source them from illustrators
• Push content out on our social media channels
• Follow up with one-to-one prompts for people who demonstrate interest to come and join us." Every Friday.

Front End Development
Selecting and modifying webkit modules to support the team’s work.


Research our target audiences) Identify/refine relevant key questions and topics, formats and central network connectors (individuals)

In order to ensure our communication content and marketing efforts “land” well with the following groups in Belgium, Italy, Germany, Poland, Serbia, Czech Republic, France and Spain:

  • Mid and senior level staff within public sector, private sector and philanthropy organisations for whom the theme of a summit is relevant to their work.
  • Owners or leaders of co-working spaces and or incubators/accelerators
  • Individuals active in/heading student bodies or associations at leading universities.
  • Heads of departments at leading universities
  • People between the ages of 18-35 working in the technology sector
  • Individuals leading non-profit organisations or associations
  • People who have organised the big hackathons around relevant topics ( e.g the one that will take place on April 24! and the recent one by German govt around covid19 initiatives)
  • People who have participated in the big hackathons
  • Editors of influential media (finance and economy, technology and innovation)

• Collect information about our different audiences (what do they read? What seems to be top of mind at the moment, what kind of events are they participating in or organising etc…)
• Collect list of common event formats and topics for the activities based on the intended audience
• Collect list of superconnectors (individuals linked to organisations that are are very well connected within each respective target audience - could be a funding body, could be a media organisation)
• Build lists of social media profiles/presence of highly networked people for each topic (we need to discuss how this can be done in a way that is respectful of privacy/compliant with GDPR)

Strategic partnership building
• Reach out to individuals tied to organisations for which our topics/themes are relevant to problem possibilities for partnership.
• Prepare and pitch partnership proposals to follow up those conversations

If you are interested in one or more of these tasks, either leave a comment below or send me a private message here on the platform.

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Hi Guys,
you added yourself to the freelancer directory so I thought you might want to know about this…If it’s of interest maybe send me a proposal for how you would like to work as a private message here on the platform?

Hi Nadia,

hope all is well. I’m interested in collaborating - I could start with flyer design, copywriting (preferably German, but also English) and I could do some outreach work, let me know what is most pressing - my special field of interest would be design for resilience and target would be all German-speaking entities. You said it is “paid work”, so the question here is what the terms look like.

Thanks again and have a great day! Thomas