Communication Work Batch #3

Stuck at home: What can we do to be useful in combating this Covid19 while in confinement?

In any crisis, a key function we can take on is to ask people doing frontline work: What can we do to help your work and to help grow a network of mutual aid efforts?

We need to make use of this time to find, make visible and support the unsung heroes and invisible efforts required to achieve impact in tackling the current and future crises

This needs to move beyond collecting static repositories of information like links or manuals. Rather we need a combination of first hand accounts, conversations as well as dedicated people to synthesise and structure it all into concrete calls for participation/support. Then carry the weight of coordinating the people who do show up to help.

In the end it all comes down to building meaningful, active, relationships between a lot of people. Building, growing and activating dense networks. Making visible and accessible the knowledge carried within these networks, yes. But more importantly, making it possible to find, learn and interact with the individuals with whom we can get things done.

Our mission with this effort is to contribute towards this and engage others to do the same within their own settings. Because we believe this is needed for communities and societies as a whole to get better at responding to these crises in the future.

Our approach

We will run a series of online summits around contemporary social, economic or political issues. And that involve or are impacted by networked technologies.

The objective of the program is to make visible and connect the dots between a variety of issues that will cause serious problems in the during future crises if not addressed now. Some of these issues are very visible, others are less obvious.

How you can help

  • Go out into the world and find one person, group or organisation working on an interesting/promising initiative(s) you feel is especially relevant right now.
  • Reach out to the protagonists to interview them with the objective of helping us better understand what they are doing and the challenges they are coming across.
  • Together with a community manager, host a call to invite others to discover the initiative and identify concrete ways in which we can support their work.
  • Use all of the above to define a challenge to be solved by people and then hand it over to the communication crew who will work to spread the call for support far and wide.

When you are ready, send it to:

If you only have a few minutes…

You can also just point us in the direction of people you think we should reach out to. The best way is to just leave a comment below.

We have a budget to cover editorial work

If you want to craft together an engaging editorial story from your experience and post it here on the platform we can offer a budget for this. If this is something you are interested in you can either post a comment below or send me a DM to discuss it in more detail.

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