Community activity suggestion

‘Restart Parties’ are a community ‘maker/hacker’ event where people combine their skills, tools and broken ‘stuff’ to repair, refurbish and exchange.

Details about the idea and the people developing it are here…

Do the people on the ground in Matera think this might a good way to help fix ‘stuff’ and develop the community??

it would be great…

I met Restarter Ugo Vallauri in Matera of all places, during the RENA Summer School 2013, and was superimpressed by the project (and by Ugo himself). Subsequently, I tried to get him to apply for the unMonastery, but he declined, as he was focused on getting Restart off the ground. Janet Gunter did join Edgeryders (@janetgunter), and we have been looking for viable ways to collaborate… so far, without too much luck. Maybe time to resume that conversation? It could be as simple as federating activities in Matera with Restart, using their protocols and instructables… if Janet and Ugo are OK with it, of course.

by all means

Hi all we would love to see you go for it - people in Tunis, Tel Aviv, and Tampa have all done just that. And of course all over Italy. It’s a great way to engage people and build community. We’re working on a “Starter Kit” for Restart Party Hosts but that might take a bit longer. In the meantime, we have this webpage, and I am about to respond to your invitation to teach at the OTS Matera…


That would be just wonderful, Janet… looking forward to hearing what you have to propose… :wink: