Community Call 18 September 2014

(jotted down from memory afterwards, please edit)

present: @Dorotea, @Noemi, @Natalia , @Bembo, @NicoBis, @Matthias, @Pacheca, @katalin

How is everyone?


Need to talk about how to work together better, so it is not such a burn-out inducing process.


Run a session on training people to help?


Yes! Also need learning new skills. Anyone has any processes to share?


Time is important. Edgeryders platform can be better used if tasks and ways of participating were posted earlier - in the spring? For example, Bembo and K started working on Book of Mistakes in July and slowly developed a process that works. It is not possible to jump in and help last minute, unless someone is deeply familiar with the project already.


Is there any difference with this LOTE than the ones before? Was it panicking and provocation that LOTE is the make-or-break event for Edgeryders?


Yes, it is. because it is always the same few people who are pulling the weight. Sessions need to be proposed so fundraisers can point to the website that things are happening here.


Can take in hand agenda writing and also proposing own session (Stewardship on the ground). Can be a one hour session or a whole day.

What is going on with the unBidders?


(explains). It is really important to have them in for a session.


Working on the Book of Mistakes was an in-depth evaluation process, and it seems really important that since LOTE4 comes after the unMonastery, the event will be perceived as unMonasterian, so we need to have some kind of control over the impression it gives to the people who are not the Comitato.


Trying to establish unMonastery rules some time before. Taking up unMonastery Lite project.


Ben and Kei are talking about using this as a trial run of unConference  in Berlin.

Nico, we need feedback and posted videos.


Building human relations, talking to people.


What are people thinking about LOTE in Matera? hate it already?

Nico: No, comitato is really excited about the unconference.


They are supporting us to be there, so that is no surprise. Everyday people we don’t know.


One thing that come sup is the oil question. It would be great to have a session on that, people would be interested.

Katalin :

Recalling that someone from Egypt also wanted to talk about oil. Can the person from Matera propose a session, on stewarding natural resources, environment, etc, and she can help trying to find other people on the platform who may be interested. perfect combination, a session born from Matera addressing very specific local problems, an international discussion about possible solutions. Happy to take over ER platform bit if Nico can connect with Italian people.


Great idea, let’s email.


It s really important to make things visible on the platform.

Adding my own reflections (Noemi):

I very much appreciated Bembo and Katalin’s thoughts on the need to look into ourselves and ask Why are we going to Matera? Are we sure that going there is not superimposing on the local community which might be tired to hear about unMonastery? Both of them remain solidary with the community there, to the point that they are doing work on the book of Mistakes and think hard about continuity of the unMon rather than following closely fellow Edgeryders (our freakish processes :)) and other spaces Lote might be heading towards…

To this end, they stand ready to support @Ben more and help with curating the agenda, making sure unMon has a solid space for discussion in it. An actionable is to upload parts of their work into the conference program.

An actionable for us all:

Do you know or have heard a great talk or project presentation in a conference where you’ve been? Do you think someone is doing stewardship work and should know about Lote but hasn’t had the chance yet? Get in touch through email and send them an invitation to host a session. template invitation available here.

I forgot!

In reference to Nico’s approach to get people from Basilicata excited about Lote, a shared understanding should be, and correct me if I’m wrong, we’re not working out contingency plans based on if Matera2019 is winning or not mid October. Lote is a win-win for both Edgeryders and Matera because it offers the opportunity of extending horizons for local projects and the way people think about their work  eg how relevant it is in the bigger context.

We also need to know who is coming ahead of the conference, rather than counting on a big presence of spectators, no?

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Agree on that, Noemi. I don’t think we should care. If they win, Paolo and MT2019 will frame LOTE4 as part of the ongoing march towards 2019. If they lose, they will say “We stand by our strategy, nothing changes. See? We are even doing LOTE4.”

On Matera and what we can do there

Sorry for not making it to the call, guys, I had a pressing conf call to attend. Hopefully some good news will come through from what I am up to there :slight_smile:

I expect a much greater involvement of the local community in LOTE4 than we had in LOTE3. @NicoBis's role is not just to let people know about it, but also to drive locals to propose and curate sessions. This thing about oil is a great idea, and I would definitely like to see it happen.

Two more sessions that can be contextualized locally and have already been proposed are:

Maybe we could ask local people to come in as discussants for Robert and Bjorn; we could even put them in contact with Robert and Bjorn well ahead of time, so that they can prepare the session together.

Two sessions I would like to see and can be led by locals:

  • How to get a thousand children to code together – a wrapup of the largest CoderDojo in the world, to take place in Matera. This is led by @piersoft and @Marc. We could even celebrate the strongest contributor to that community, a programmer that goes by T-Rexus and is only 10 years old. He is good enough that they have given him mentor training and let him teach other children! 
  • The art of travelling by walking. The perfect speaker here is Emanuele Sileo of Associazione Al Parco, who has great English. They are doing a very very cool initiative in which people from all over the region are going to walk to Matera from their villages to tell the adjudicating panel for European City of Culture 2019 that "rural Basilicata supports Matera, and that we care". In their case, the walk is about 120 kms, it will take five days and they will walk with "U Rumit", a sort of mythical tree-creature (think Treebeard in The Lord of The Rings) that is part of their local folklore – here is the map of the different itineraries, but more are still being added. 


How to get a thousand children to code together

@Alberto we had the same thought! Yesterday when I met @Piersoft and Vincenzo with @Nicobis for the interview I proposed them to organize a session at LOTE4 about the CoderDojo experience here in Matera, I also offered them my help to organize it, being myself involved in the project as a mentor.

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Setteld then

I leave this to you, @azzurra.

i wil be at TedX Lecce on 23 Oct for CoderDojo with the big Carmelo Presicce (mentor number 1 in Italy). So I can be here only 22 or 24 Oct.