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Interested in helping to keep the world clean?

I would like to propose a workshop, presentations, sessions whatever it can take to involve your mind in problematic of illegal trash sites around the world. We are running project TrashOut in 70 countries around the world and we face several challenges right now!

My intention is to talk on one hand about our hard way of getting to where we are so it can give you folks some interesting hints. On the other hand I would like to reveal to you challenges we solve so maybe you can bring us interesting ideas.

Let´s be concrete: Did you know that you can actually predetermine GDP, criminality levels and other national parameters looking only at trash site statistics? Or have you ever tought how to motivate tens-of-thousands of people to take action in cleaning activities? Let´s talk about it!

Date: 2014-10-24 12:30:00 - 2014-10-24 12:30:00, Europe/Paris Time.

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Hey @Robert_TrashOut - great session proposal and great to have you on board, I’m just writing to let you know that I moved this to the LOTE4 Session group so that it shows up in the program!

As a non-native English speaker

Hello @Robert_TrashOut, this looks really interesting. Could you add a word of explanation on what illegal trash sites are? You mean non-sanctioned (and ecologically damaging) waste dumps?

What are illegal trash sites?

We meet illegal trash sites more often than we think.

Basically they appear on places where people dump the trash - and they should not. Usually it happens on “publicly owned” areas so no-one is directly responsible for cleaning these. More problems occur if there is for instance waste from construction works or electronics - which has to be handled under special treatments.

We have public database of trash sites around the world that you can search within at:

Or see my recent video with President of TrashOut where we talk about these

Session structure

HI Robert, no I had no idea that you could predetermine GDP, criminality levels and other national parameters looking only at trash site statistics. But I am curious to learn more. @Auli and @henri37 both have experience from let’s do it world. I don’t know much about the details but I think they mobilised around 8 million people on one day at some point? So they may have some experiences to share from Estonia and beyond…

let’s do it world

Re LDIW cleanup campaigns, definitely not 8 million in one day :slight_smile: The number has been calculated by counting the country cleanup activities since 2008, each of which brought out 5000 - 300 000 people on one action day, depending on the country. The top results are Slovenia with almost 300 000 (13-14% of the 2 million population), and Bulgaria with 320 000 (% is smaller). See statistics here. Note that there are couple of ~600 000 results, but those should be pre-existing campaigns that joined LDIW in the last minute, so technically these results were not fully achieved with LDIW methods and time frames.


… and TrashOut is actually LDIW’s partner since perhaps last year (?). I’m not very up-to-date with recent comms because I’ve been engaged with other things since a couple of years and worked for LDIW only occasionally :slight_smile:

@Robert_TrashOut, I will move

@Robert_Trashout, I will move this session a bit earlier;) 15:30 is the last slot for sessions on Sunday, i think it should be fine;)