Community Call #2: Building the first Crowdfunding campaign

In tuesday’s call and the online discussion after it,  we bounced around several ideas around collectively investing in physical spaces for sustainable co-living and co-working.

We asked: what is a good membership offer that is both attractive and financially fair?

To  keep the discussion concrete, we have put together a skeleton crowdfunding text which we then build on together during and after today’s community call. See you here at 15:00 CET.

During the second call last week, we discussed with Nadia two main questions:

  • what will be the money be dedicated to and why lote6 is a great opportunity for us to fundraise. While the conference itself is already financed in big part, and what remains to make it happen is a lot of work on our side in preparing both the program, the logistics and the exhibition, it will be used as a fundraising engine to crowdfund a permanent space for the edgeryders’ community. All kinds of contributions, from in-kind donations of goods and time, to financial support and long-term involvement in sharing the costs and the work required to keep the space up and running, can be collected from the members, who come to our event free of charge anyway.

  • We make a list of perks and rewards for contributors to the online campaign - if you have an idea, would like to contribute something (a massage, a special session, a language lesson, a tarot reading we could offer as an award - write it down in the comment, so we can collect all the ideas and include them in the list of rewards).