Community call 2 October at 11 am cet

A weekly online meetup for Edgeryders everywhere to catch up and scheme ahead over a cup of coffee.

This month’s community calls focus almost entirely on getting better at collaborating with one another and ensuring that Living on the Edge: The Stewardship will be meaningful for all attending. It’s our major event each year, and it tends to inspire breakthrough ideas, like the unMonastery.

Draft agenda for this week:

  1. General updates: who's coming to Lote4 and ways to register last minute, travel grants, and budget issues with @Noemi & @Natalia_Skoczylas
  2. unMonastery (not so) lite: establishing house rules and ways to communicate it. (see background discussions \#1 and #2) with @Bembo Davies and @katalin
  3. Support in Matera: where are we on this? can food be a connector? can we host an informal public meeting before Lote4?
  4. Making LOTE4 child-friendly – it worked well at Futurespotters! with @Alberto
  5. ...

What am I missing? Got something to propose on the agenda? Add it in a comment below…

JOIN OUR GOOGLE HANGOUT, starts Thursday the 25th at 11 am, central European time (The hangout can host up to 10 people, so please confirm here if you’re joining so we can manage the space)

Date: 2014-09-30 07:25:00 - 2014-09-30 07:25:00, Europe/Bucharest Time.

Before Thursday

As preparations in Matera are getting more and more concrete, just by looking at the Food discussions, we will need to work on a budget and assess what the main expenses are.

Can I ask @Natalia_Skoczylas or whoever else is in town to inquire about:

-food offers we have so far and costs? The only one I have so far is 1.5 eur a sandwich.

-costs of printing stickers and conference badges (example: on thick paper 8.9x14cm?) Also, I doubt we’ll be printing the program in numerous exemplars, we do need to think about having one displayed publicly on location.

-large hostel room at Le Monacelle as per Ben’s request.

  • anything else you think we won’t dispose of at the unMon

Noemi, so we decide to buy food for lunch and for breakfast? How do we do? Then I can check, you know how it is in Italy, there is different kind of food you can eat at different hours. I know people who will direct me to the right places;)


Natalia I will have an answer as to the final budget by Thursday, but think morning snacks, coffee, tea + lunch (sandwiches from Saverio as you guys suggested? how many sandwiches per person? or get offers from other local providers?). Think 3 days and a rough estimate of 80 people.

Then we might be able to cover a significant share of evening meals, but it depends on how much the above costs.

PS @Katalin I’m signed up on trello, we’ll definitely need those boards transcribed onsite and have more people register :slight_smile:


Hi @Noemi,

yes, I will transcribe the list.  I am waiting for headcount and an agreement on how many people can stay in the building, so it is a full report on what would be going on there during LOTE. Is lunch going to take place at the unMon?

Thank you for the estimate. Marc said he would ask Saverio the price for a sandwich I think today.

I am really sorry about our reputation, @Natalia_Skoczylas. It is hard to hear.

See you both on Thursday!

Ok then, I will calculate the breakfast (it will be cheap and very Italian, I will let you know as I check the market), and think of the lunch. I think it would be the best to order every day in different place - i know that in Sottozero they make mad panzerotti which are 1,80 each and enormous, so if we buy 80 for lunch it will be more than enough and for sure we get a discount. Now there are a few places in which they make other special, local things, so having this kind of lunch is easy, gives us the taste of the local food, and supports small bakeries and so on. I’ll talk to them by Thrsday to see what’s possible in this case.