Community Call 2017-11-29

Documentation of the topic discussed.
##Visas for Morocco

Conclusion : For Egyptians we need to get a WB invitation letter or something more trustable.

Zmorda : as a tourist it doesn’t make sense to stay for 3 months, you will not get a tourist for 3 month

Mattias : For Europeans they get a 3 month visa on arrival, I don’t have to apply , get a visa for 3 month on arrival

Tantawy : if you are not moroccan but hired a house, can you send an invitation. We need to check this. I think this could be possible.

Zmorda : 10 or more people in the house, the authorities would like to know the activities and what are you doing in the house.

Matt : And we might need a paper from a Moroccan authority ?

Z : once they know the purpose of your stay this will be ok, for security reasons I guess.

Tanta : is edgeryders hired the place as a company ?
Matt : Yes As a company
The rent is temporary, we don’t plan for this time a representative place for the company in Morocco, we can’t be able to do this, we would not pursue this for the mean time. It is only a temporary residency for now

Maybe we can search about if we can invite people as trainers, employees, ……etc.

WB will make it most trustable

Yosser : agree as it is , Will be helpful if we find some locals to help us in this

tantawy : I have a Moroccan friend who lives in Stuttgart TA I am communicating with him, we study in the same program, if there is something specific to ask

  • The 1st question, for the European people coming from Europe. Do they have to announce their place of residency

  • As a company who rents a place there can we invite people ?

  • Who we can communicate with from the authorities to make this easier ?

##Coffee sorter project

In short, i have an idea for a small machine that could fit on the desktop that can sort coffee beans this is done already but with big machines and very expensive, they have cameras inside and the machines can recognize the quality beans, then u can produce high quality coffee

This will be interesting for the small farmers if they can produce their own high quality coffee; bean in cooperation with nepali farmers and interested in making machines to produce high quality coffee.

And the coffee sorter is not found as a small machine till now ,Will be based on deep learning software that is not used till now by the industrial machines

Can probably produce better quality but will be slower than huge industrial machines, will be open source hardware design and will help making businesses/

Personally I am into this project as I want to learn more about AI and electronic and mechanical engineering

So Anyone who wants to get more in deep learning stuff, some Raspberry pi, motors and a bit of hardware, may be we need to have a 3d printer not sure yet.

// Did u prepare anything for the workshop itself , or will you start from scratch, do you have a template or a time schedule for this.

Workshop ? in the camp ? I could do this but this is mainly for the space in Morocco

We can think about it for the camp

Zmorda : we have many students and they want to know more about deep learning.

It is difficult to work on this for 2 days especially i am starting to work with it myself

Zmorda : But at least about the conceptional of integrating deep learning

One camera looking on coffee beans, and software classifying the quality like bad good and medium coffee beans

// So people interested in deep learning don’t need to stay for 3 month

Yes, the software part could be actually done before the hardware, we don’t need the hardware.
This could be done in a workshop,
But not sure if i have time to get a lot of photos of coffee beans ; I have beans sorted manually from Nepal, and need to take photos for them

Then comes the hardware part of creating the machine from small pieces of metal and plastic where it can put the bean , scan it , and sort it.

Mohamed senior IT student from Tunisia just joined us at this interesting point :smiley:

// Time plan for the Morocco

End of April should have the first release, documenting it and putting the opensource design and afterwards seeing who is interested in and what are the commercial potential

Target: small scale coffee farmers and small coffee roasters

quick recap :

  • the machine is not found yet at this desktop scale this will be hopefully the first

  • Anyone interested to learn more about AI deep learning, opensource hardware, Raspberry Pi, 3d printing, problem solving is welcomed to join

  • A possible software workshop could be done in Medenine, if Matthias have the photos of the coffee beans ready to start working on the software.

  • we could have a prototype by the End of April in Essaouira

##Open source Furniture project

Sound was not clear below is some documentation

The idea is old , the concept of sharing knowledge and open source systems
So applying the open source to producing furniture and …………….how people can produce their own furniture with cheap prices as in Egypt it is getting very expensive.
We have already a lot of CNC machines and may be provide the market with designs to stand alone furniture units, I am thinking for small pieces about the scale of bookshelf and intermediate scale like desks and chairs, Till now didn’t produce something bigger for bedrooms. [ full design using cnc machines ] I saw a resturant done by Cnc this is an application for big scale.

Also applying this on the Egyptian market or middle east and mobilizing this open source movement, as I see it a political stand.

Already participated with a competition with the fablab, and one of the awards that I got, they provide me a training for how to use the cnc machine, from a French team, starting next week. On the 3rd of December till 8th of December and I think having a contribution with this workshop could enhance my skills

Yesterday finished my master thesis , and doing now a research on open source system and I am learning from the platform from the research and networks and open ethnography.

I am learning more about theoretical ideas about open source. ………………

For the workshop

Think about a challenge for doing a prototype to how to use open source system with furniture and will start with theoretical basis and while finishing the floor…………………. Then technical part about open source manufacturing and how to run cnc machines. And how to use materials
As a final stage a production for the house, didn’t think about what kind of pieces, would be based on the needs of people in house by observing the behavior of people. ……

Creating the framework is needed**, I have a partner he is a design partner he is interested more in the design and I am interested more in the process and identity.**

Part of the open source idea is not the product itself but how it came to be and would do the exercise on the people on the camp itself, and how to solve problems , and once you get it done on a small scale as a test and how to mobilize this for the outer community and how we can connect and introduce the furniture and get feedback from the people.

What I like most , that you will work with the people coming to the camp, is it about creating solutions about our needs and challenges and agree that it is not about the product, ………about the process and how it came to be , like parametric design and how you can make a base product and then change some parameters

Would like to have this as how to produce open source furniture for the toolkit, [ the openvillage solutions ]

Sure we should do that.

It will be nice to see how far we can go far with it and how to get more developed,

Practical question : **what about the Production technology Do we need a cnc ? **

I was thinking about this, if there is a cnc machine nearby, to use the existing facilities. It would be better to do so
If not, there are these portable cnc machines if we can rent of get access to it.

I don’t think it is ideal to bring one to the house, the portable one is very small, I need to do this homework to check the middle small cnc machines or check the near cnc machines. I guess we can find in morocco it is famous for the parametric islamic pattern, and this is always done by cnc machines,

//This portable small ones is very amazing to have. The name is handibot

Otherwise carpentry workshops in Essaouira will be our place to go

##Main updates for the camp

Finally we finalized the program.
Prepared a proposal for the budget , waiting for the validation from Nadia.
And started a call for the participants on the platform
Contacted the space owners and hotels

We need to finalize the final list of trainers, Noemi is signing the paper needed by the authority in Tunisa, and that’s it everything is ready.

other topics

  • Potential for 4 hydroponics in house as a project ?

A good option is to select something that is more suitable in 2-3 month without leaving a lot of materials in the house. It could be done, more like control electronics or piping systems a small piece, that doesn’t need more space.

Otherwise if someone else in the village is interested and get the material afterwards but we don’t know this for sure.

  • We need to finalize the form for the openvillage academy and Residency asap ( the form to be an opensource form via the wordpress website )