Community call: A #LOTE5 book of event failures?

Hi everyone, hopefully you landed home safe and healthy. Myself, I lost my voice after a whole week of chatting non-stop. That’s what Living on the Edge does to me.

Since we’re in a process of collecting documentation and sharing reflections, with @Irene we can’t help thinking of all the things that did not turn out as expected. As will all community events, LOTE had a lot of moving parts and people who did or did not know how to find their way and self-organise.  Let’s explore building a short book of failures with an explicit no blame approach.

During Monday’s community call we’ll go through how each of us experienced Lote and what is a top fuckup they witnessed from which we can learn, do better at LOTE6. Everyone participating is asked to frame something that could have been done better by not assigning responsibility or blame (e.g. my session started late because x was unpolite and took over the room) but by thinking how to make it better (the schedule was not followed. we need to assign tasks so that there are 2 people responsible to make sure time is kept).

The community call will result in a collection of failures through two iterations:

  1. A collectively written wiki/ blog post calling for additions and improvements [immediately after]
  2. Integrated inputs in a thorough writeup [a week/ two weeks later]

See you on google hangouts on Monday afternoon at 5PM CET?  CLICK HERE to join!

Photo at #LOTE5 by CommunalSpoon

Date: 2016-03-07 18:00:00 - 2016-03-07 19:00:00, Europe/Brussels Time.

Piece worth re-visiting…

… by Kira, Irene and myself and we hand over the reins of LOTE to whoever will organise the next one - Natalia’s lessons from LOTE4 from last year.

What time do we start

I’m confused at what (Brussels) time we’re hanging out. About now or at 18h?