Community Call: Building Lote the unMonastery Edition

Living on the Edge (LOTE) is a 4 day event in October where we learn how to build great things together and scale the impact of our projects. It’ll be an excellent chance to get together, interconnect networks, build capacity and learn from one another. There’s never been anything like it and you can come too!

Lote is a no-spectator event. We keep it free of charge so anyone can afford to attend, and participants are expected to contribute to building a meaningful and generative experience for everyone involved. Everyone can contribute something, whether it is curating a track at the event, facilitating a session, doing fundraising or social media outreach, making a video or helping to coordinate rideshares. Join one of the teams organizing Lote!

Between now and October 29th we will be doing a weekly group video conference call to welcome new people in the community, as well as get up to speed with what is going on and where help is needed. We record the sessions and post them online in the weekly blogposts about what is going on, and where people can jump in to help each other. If you know someone who should be in this call but isn’t, go ahead and invite them!

If you want to bring something up at the next group conference call, just post a comment here before the event to give us time to coordinate a bit. See you soon!

Join the hangout: 

Date: 2013-08-16 09:00:00 - 2013-08-16 10:00:00, Europe/Berlin Time.

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Just to add

We thought we could be doing Google hangout until we’re installing our own self-hosted open source video conferencering software. hopefully soon, so we don’t discourage free softies :slight_smile:


I’ll be there, I might be a bit late joining though!

Something to highlight, if you put it in as a calendar event on google you can share the event and assign a hangout URL in advance to the event, there’s a tickbox functionality for this.


I’ll be there! :slight_smile:

Team Be The Media

HI there,

We’re here and set up with projector and around 30 activisty types with media skills and plenty of interest. Maybe we could join as a bunch from here? I’ll wait to hear back from ye beofre I bring it up, we leave here at 9.30 so it would be tight, but very doable.

Let us know the craic,



Bring yourselves on :slight_smile:

Some people will be a bit late, but a few of us can start at 9am sharp with introduction on Lote and move straight to what Be The Media does and how to get involved, no?

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Ill be there too.

making movies tonight, lets see what you think if I manage to get them done :slight_smile:

Next week

Turns out we have to be in Madrid for 9.30 and we leave early but we will pass the word round and hopefully can align a few of us for a chat for next week. :slight_smile:

Thanks Noemi.

Next week

Turns out we have to be in Madrid for 9.30 and we leave early but we will pass the word round and hopefully can align a few of us for a chat for next week. :slight_smile:

Thanks Noemi.

here now looking for hangout


We’re here:


Next call?

Friday 9am CET

I suggest a discussion on

  1. updates from Matera & unMonastery based on latest developments

  2. how we are organising the event program, how many slots we can open to be filled in by the community & how much time to work on the unMonastery (before, during, after Lote) & bridge building with local community

  3. build a template for track proposals

what do you guys think?


I’ll be traveling… again.  :-(

Tomorrow - will pop in at 0900 - then have to run 0937 bembo

ooops - have to go now – have a pleasant one…

big day here


I’ll try to wake up early for the call, even thought it’s 3am already :slight_smile: Maybe we could make the calls a bit later… ? :slight_smile: Actually If we make them in the afternoon/ evening some people from USA could join if they want to take part in it. What do you think ? :slight_smile:

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aww it’s today already :stuck_out_tongue:

Good morning Dorotea! I second your proposal wholeheartily. It’s 3 am already and I definitely won’t wake up in time. I’m never up at 9 am, likely because I work on average until 3 am. (That’s good for IT work actually because nobody else is up who could call or otherwise bother me :smiley: ) Side note: I just stopped working on importing the original content into … only the group assignments and testing are missing, so everyone may expect about 500 articles and 4000 comments to appear in a few days.

If for the next times you decide to do it a bit later, count me in… if it’s from 6 p.m. on :slight_smile:

Looking forward to listenging and reading about your feedback on today’s call!


I hear you guys,

I think the challenge is not so much in changing the time, but finding a time that suits most of the people, whatever that would mean, and keep it the same throughout the summer to get constancy and keep coordination efforts at stable levels as the number of people registering for Lote grows…

will come back to this after today;s call.


You are so very right, Noemi. In any case the important thing is the written feedback so we can all bounce on that as soon as it is possible for us. From August on I will be free to participate whenever :slight_smile: