Community Call Notes 2014-07-31




we put the tasks on the edgeryders platform Noemi Salantiu 11:13 those marked [Lote4 tickets]

me 11:13 and we assign each task a barter value so we keep community management on edgeryders, because tasks can be discussed publicly

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me 11:14 People sign up for takss on edgeryders platform, adding themselves to a team Dorotea Mar joined group chat.

Dorotea Mar 11:15 hi, quite bad internet here … we are here together with Pavlik and James and Daniel in Berlin

Ben Vickers 11:16 hihihi get others to join

Dorotea Mar 11:16 i don’t have yet

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Matthias Ansorg 11:16

me 11:17 Makerfox has a system that allows non money-transactions. Once task is completed your makerfox wallet is credited and you can “buy” a lote4 ticket

Noemi Salantiu 11:17 Hi Rux!

Matthias Ansorg 11:17

Ruxandra Creosteanu 11:17 Hello everybody

Dorotea Mar 11:17 ( it’s really bad internet … sorry if i disconnect )

Ben Vickers 11:17 Hi!

me 11:17 1. Create a Makerfox account if you havent done it 2. Log in and order a lote4 ticket

Ben Vickers 11:19 NO ALTERNATIVE

me 11:19 buy/findproducts/ searhfor lote/go to tickets/ click orfder now/ add to existing or new group When you have ordered it should look like [snapshot] 3. When tasks are completed you leave comment on the task page scratch that step 3: do task and leave comment on page when done step 4: community manager logs into lote4 accounts>transfer.send value.enter username of person who completed task. send them the barter value of the task completed (include url of task) When makerfox user has accumulated value of lote4 ticket, they get he ticket and are notified by email Ben: Ive ordered a ticket, ive done tasks online noemi seees ive done the website or whatever and she sends 1000 Mkerbux to me, and that completes the loop… At the moment there aren’t people ofering other stuff in the platform. Also we have to confirm trades before they happen. Later on Makerfox com

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Alberto Cottica 11:30 Hello all!

Ben Vickers 11:31 Hi

Alberto Cottica 11:32 Routers could be stolen, or vandalized

me 11:32 2 Screencast video: Bear with us, this is why we work this way.This feels tricky. Building our own tools. Potential is we could end up iwith community which can share resources without need of finances in order to realise projects Explanation step by step how we do this. Ruxandra: Im enthusiastic because thinking about brainstorm at ouishare and it’s cool it’s becoming a reality. putting it into action is difficult but normal for creative projects Rux: if you want to participate in lote you need to be more involved. do something for organissation. Create your ticket on makerfox and then based on actions you get your ticket. 1. go on the edgeryders site look at tasks to be done 2. register for difft teams 3. then go on makerfox and create account, make same account s you have on Edgeryders.E.g. rucxandra has this account of edgeryders, and this is account makerfox.

Noemi Salantiu 11:37 I’ve listed on each task on Edgeryders: value of ticket: 1/2; or 1/3 or 1 lote3 ticket

me 11:37 4. Then buy ticket. 5. The more tasks you do on edgeryders, the more makerbux edgeryders community managers give you on platform. I don’t completely understand the takss: it needs to be more clear what to do…e.g. who has to twewet, who has to curate…the tasks need to be more clear: who, how what where

Dorotea Mar 11:39 agree about the currency name too

me 11:39 Makercoins default currency

Dorotea Mar 11:39 I just created a makerfox account and ordered the ticket works smoothly

me 11:40 the reason we have dollars is because people take time to get used to a new currency

Ben: what if it said 1000USD/1000 Makercoins Market logic - Scarcity Logic: Maker coin logic Makercoin logic= Market logic - Scarcity logic + social logic Ben Vickers 11:46 silence = yes?

me 11:46 LOTE Logic.

Matthias Ansorg 11:46 lotic Ben Vickers 11:47 tricky i think you do that through groups and communites that use the platform i.e barter parties on others services when people give away fridges to their neighbours on grindr

me 11:48 Can we make the logic for any project/ trader explicit and visible?

Matthias Ansorg 11:48 that’s social agreements to put on Edgeryders platform, no?

me 11:49 social protols! protocols

Ruxandra Creosteanu 11:49 I agree with Matthias

me 11:50 If people don’t do the pre-event tasks but show up, they can do the on location tasks Latecomer tasks: documentation, setting up charis, cooking, cleaning

Noemi Salantiu 11:52 @Lauren: me 11:54 get rid of video? I dont understand can you give an example?

Dorotea Mar 11:55 one idea is that maybe people could propose the task if there is not enough tasks or someone just wants to propose something different me 11:56 E,.g You’re doing fundraising, it takes time, it generates value. Can you add it to the tasks? Matthias: usually tasks set up by LOTE4 team ccordinators

Dorotea Mar 11:56 yes this is more engaging for the community

me 11:57 @Noemi: we need to create a task for team coordinators! Ben: I get the impression there are a lot of people eager to get involved, and eager but are struggling. They see a task, not sure if it’s still active, not clear how to do it.

Matthias Ansorg 12:00 /t/lote4-the-stewardship/359-dashboard

Dorotea Mar 12:00 some people like to take on the tasks, some people prefer to define their own tasks, we can open the door to both kinds of contributions , yes call a human is a great way to unconfuse confused people who have motivation to be involved and contribute me 12:00 SO how can we communicate ? Interested? Not sure what to do?: 1. Add a Call a human Block on every task. 2. Create overview of what you can do and what is it’s status

Ben Vickers 12:01 Place ‘Not sure how to get involved, but want to help, call a human, or comment on this post’

me 12:01 3. Weekly google hangout / team

Dorotea Mar 12:01 something like ‘github’ for tasks - whats the status , whos involved

Matthias Ansorg 12:02 yep you can assignto multiple people

me 12:04 4. Connect each team page to the tasks: On each team page add list of tasks (just copy paste from the lote tasks wiki )

Ben Vickers 12:05 Another suggested quick fix, on ‘Join a team’ page, have an explanation of steps to getting involved. 1. Want to get involved and work on LOTE4? The quickest route is to join a team and pick up a task. 2. Tasks can be found here, if a task isn’t already assigned to someone, assign it to yourself. If you’re not sure the status of something, comment and @noemi or someone else will get back to you. 3. You can also create new tasks and take the lead on doing the work that you think is it important. 4. LOTE4 like EdgeRyders is driven by social interaction, things only become active when you post, EdgeRyders is a ‘No Spectators Sport’ - if you think something should happen, drive it and others will likely join you. 5. If you get really stuck, Call a human.

Dorotea Mar 12:05 ok i can volunteer to check if people want to show up in those calls and motivate people to contribute : )

Noemi Salantiu 12:06 I disagree with large no. of calls 1 weekly call every thursday - Q&A, working together, human etc

me 12:06 Nothing happens until you say something on edgeryders. In a comment. Then people say something back. NOW THE TOUR: Lauren is taking the lead, others go to other places, and then meetup in some places August and September. Needs 1. Engage people to fill in the spreadsheets to get overview and plan som routes.

Ben Vickers 12:09 Case Study Adventure Sheet - LOTE4 - Google Tabellen

me 12:09 2. Produce an interview template so we can get one cuts video shots

Ben Vickers 12:10 Interview Framework for Case Studies Adventure - LOTE4 “The Stewardship” - Edgeryders me 12:13 In next 48 hours. Good examples of projects that make a good tour route. These are the key 5-6 projects that bring you to each project. Simple call to action: Each person in call sends out personal emails with link to spredsheet asking them to fill in 3 key projects. Ok, Noemi can we send out a newsletter with a call to action on this? Other need video production: Sam and Nico need to help with concept, filing directions, equipment suggestions. Dorotea Mar left group chat.

me 12:16 Set up events on FB in all the cities, get people to invite more people Dorotea Mar joined group chat.

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Ruxandra Creosteanu 12:17 I will have to leave. Sorry for leaving before the conf call ended, was great! And things are more clear now, and they will become more and more.

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me 12:21 IN parallel to setting up stewardship FB events in different Discussing Stewardship hangouts: 1. Calls with the curators: could be very simple, hangout…or display some of the interviews. Structured (4 people) 3 minutes this is what my project is about. IM ben, ive been doing x or x time, these are key things we’re tacking, these are questions Im asking. People invited: People we meet on the tour, Curators, community. Nadia goes to Detroit. Find out what they really think about stewardship


Alberto Cottica 12:26 Nice

me 12:27 Stewardship Summits: Lauren had something written up in a proposal something about a tv show we dont need to do totally open. This can be small and intimate. On demand.

Ben Vickers 12:32 1. Case Study Adventures 1. Case Study Adventures Matthias Ansorg 12:33 ((I’m about to leave, will care for LOTE4 task list and Makercoin price tags from Sunday on))

Noemi Salantiu 12:33 guys I gotta run. talk soon! happy holiday Matt

Alberto Cottica 12:34 Matt, can you open your personal chat? I got a question

Matthias Ansorg 12:34 sure

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Alberto Cottica 12:35

Matt: posted on GChat 20.00 people it in my part of the world Matthias Ansorg left group chat.

Alberto Cottica 12:37 9/11 It’s ok, guys

Ben Vickers 12:40 1. Case Study Adventures / involves: itinerant travel, meetups in each city, short interviews, 2. Stewardship Summits / involves: curated and preplanned online hangouts, streamed and recorded - used to onboard individuals Dorotea Mar

Re: Tutorial on Earning Lote4 tickets with Makerfox

I forgot to add that the only way this will be useful is if we agree on a process and roll with it, have solid team pages which won’t change much after and tasks in a regular place.

Otherwise we work to get video up but there’s no consistency with the platform constant changes.

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