Community call Thursday November 6 at 11:00 cet

Hi everyone,

As usual Thursday mornings are when we meet online to plan the work ahead and look for ways to support one another in our endeavors.

Rwo weeks after Living On The Edge: The Stewardship in Matera and we are still processing what happened. It was the most beautiful, happy and generative community gathering yet and it feels like there is a future wide open for us to move forward into. Together.

It feels as though something major happened in our development as a community. Let’s give ourselves this hour to reconnect and share our post-lote4 reflections. As well as those who were not there in person an opportunity to be part of it.

JOIN THE COMMUNITY HANGOUT on thursday. It starts on the 6th at 11 am, central European time.

Date: 2014-11-06 10:00:00 - 2014-11-06 11:00:00, Europe/Berlin Time.

Are there any graphic design priorities?

Hey Guys!   I would love to contribute with some graphic design tasks.

Does anyone have something that needs being done?

I´m afraid tomorrow will probably be the only community call that I´ll be able to attend.

(During week days on work hours) 

But do get in touch! 
I will do my best to provide feedback.
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re: poster to call for agenda proposalsI

Hi @pacheca,

So I thought these questions would go well in the poster,

"How are you taking better care of spaces, assets, knowledge, communities?

What does stewardship mean to you?

… What is your burning question?

Come host a session at Lote4!"

If you send me a clean design for an .ai file I can add everything… woudnt’t want to burden you.

Culturizing Sustainable Cities at University of Coimbra

Hello all -

I just came across this research project at the Centre for Social Studies at the University of Coimbra in Portugal called “Culturizing Sustainable Cities: Catalyzing translocal learning and advancement.” They are currently asking for suggestions of case studies that they can incorporate into their research. I don’t know too much about it but it occurred to me that EdgeRyders and/or unMonastery could be super useful for their understanding of current initiatives and that becoming involved in the academic research could eventually feed back into the community network. If anyone is interested, their open call form is quite basic.

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unMonastery and Mt2019

Fellow Edgeryders, the Coimbra’s proposal is quite interesting, however in my perspective unmon in matera makes sense if you include it in the candidacy’s perspective and analyze it in it’s dynamic with the committee.i would be happy to work out a brief paper to present in the form. Will try to attend comm call. Much love

Just a follow-up thought after today’s hangout. The main question posed by Nadia was (in my perception), is how to retain the sense of being part of a community after the face-to-face conference. I have only been following the Edgeryders platform conversations since February, but it seems to me, and was noted by elf Pavlik and Alberto, that often the less deep and contemplative but more confrontational posts that bring up a problem that get the most feedback. Maybe it is problems and solving them together is what keeps online communities active and live. So my proposal is to create an online “project clinic” - where people can bring up specific questions with regard to their own projects and communities. There is an example for it in mathematics: . It accelerates solving unsolved problems, and allows knowledge to be passed on efficiently. What do you think, @Nadia, @mariabyck, @Bezdomny, @Noemi? It also breaks the projects structure of the platform, and create another layer organised around issues.

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I thought that the project section kind of works this way - people write about their projects, and they find people who deal with similar issues or have certain expertise, so the projects can get some help. But maybe it should be stressed a bit better, or maybe really become some sort of a hackathon online form of collaboration outside of physical meetings. I could totally see myself helping.

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Behold: the community calls wiki!

So, I put up the notes from our conversation (and all future calls I hope) into this wiki.

I tried to structure them a bit and also include what Katalin and Natalia suggested in the comments above


Maybe you are right. Still a problem solving page not specific to projects but issues (organisation, community, legal, etc) seems reasonable to me.