Community Calls [Live]


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"url": "", 
"git": "", 
"sections": [
      "type": "hero",
      "background": {
        "color": "#fafafa"
      "title": "Community Calls",
      "text": {
        "content": "<p>Every week Edgeryders hosts a group video conference call to welcome new people in the community, as well as get up to speed with what is going on and where help is needed.</p><p>If you know someone who should be in this call but isnโ€™t, go ahead and invite them.",
        "align": "left"
      "image": {
        "url": "video.svg",
        "width": 450
      "type": "events",
      "title": "Calendar",
      "tag": "call",
      "filters": {
        "team": "#009D6A",
        "outreach": "#0286EC",
        "community": "#FF5A2F",
        "covid19": "#6C63FF"

Looks really nice, thanks Owen!!

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