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Thursday December 4, 2014

Present in call: Dan, Dorotea, Nadia, Thomas


  1. We propose 3 sessions involving drink/food (Tea ceremony, WeMixology , Agape).

  2. Our concept is #unCookd: hacker recipes for care, health and well-being

  3. Between today and tomorrow we flesh out the three session proposals on the program wiki: a) what is each proposal about, b) how does it work step-by-step  c) how we build it step by step d) what ingredients and equipment are needed e) who takes responsibility for the session.

  4. We prepare and serve food at the food hacking base, but have a separate place (near fc slash 8) for general Edgeryders presence. Dorotea wants to know if we can set up a Hexayurt somewhere quieter for the tea ceremony…?

  5. Should it be vegetarian or vegan food? We eave it open, but try to source a basic list of vegetarian food. Vegetables, fruit, herbs are easiest to deal with. We ask participants to bring some ingredients.


1. How to get people engaged?

A. We use twitter, FB and the general 31C3 wiki to get them involved in the fun parts of the practical arrangements. Maybe we can reach out to food companies and communities too.

E.g: Can you help us get to 100 ingredients for the #unCookd Foodhack at #31C3? Add one item to the list! (item, image, and commitment to bring it) [url coming soon].

B. We crowdsource contributions to the #unCookd cookbook (with hacker recipe for care, health and well-being including missing recipies and missing ingredients.) [url coming soon]

2. How do we get supplies to the venue?

i. Projector and Screen: Does anyone already have these and can loan them to us for the event?

ii. Cooking equipment: Those travelling by car raid their kitchens at home. Same think here, we ask for help from #31C3 community. Full list available here [url coming soon]

iii. Food ingredients:  ask people to say in advance they will bring an ingredient, as a way to remind them to participate, allow us discovery of new ingredients and keep costs low.

hmm ok, give me the dimensions of the hex-yurt and I’ll note it on the wiki.

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Dorotea, dimentions?

hi @Dorotea what dimensions do you want the hexayurt to be? Maybe look online at what others have built and what you think we could easily build on location?

Also @Thomas_Goorden have you seen the notes above, accurate?

something cozy

I think something cozy would be enough,

but whatever can be built without causing too much trouble

a bigger one could be nice too,

if we have enough pillows to put on the floor