Community events 2017-2018

// [Work in Progress]: This wiki is where we prepare information about the events that will be held in the Reef for members, 2017-2018. Please add/help edit the information about the event you are organising or leading. //

Talks, Masterclasses & Workshops

"Power Pitch Weekend:  ", A 2-day Masterclass lead by August Pirovano and Matteo Uguzzoni in Brussels, Belgium on May 26-27. More info here.

“How to use co-design of healthy food systems to regenerate communities”, An Evening talk & Dinner featuring Susanne Stauch and Virginie Gailing  in Brussels, Belgium on May xx-xx. Background Information.

“Masters of Networks - How online interaction fosters action”: A workshop with [name][name] in Bordeaux, France on June 28 at hh:mm. Previous edition held at CERN.

Community Retreats & Summits

October 19-21 | Meet the OpenCarers: We present findings from a 2 year massive research project on community driven health and social care. The conference and exhibition will bring together promising projects into a demo of a new care system powered by open source, community driven solutions. We will imagine and enact the future of care together.

October 19-21 | Building the Reef: A Community Property for Everyone.OpenCare revealed the aspiration to a more communal living, where taking care of one another is easier and more affordable. How do we acquire and manage collective property for permanent, affordable living and working? We will discover and learn from cases of existing financial, legal and governance models.

October 19-21 | The Future of Care: A Policy and Investment Lab. How do we make it attractive to finance community ecosystems and what enabling infrastructures already exist that we can learn from? Implications for participants, investors and policy makers.

Concerts, Exhibitions & Parties


Power Pitch: Masterclass on Storytelling for entrepreneurs and other changemakers

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In 2008, Edgeryders community members Augusto Pirovano and Matteo Uguzzoni started working on []. Critical City won every competition there was to win. They now help others to do the same.

Edgeryders are in the business of developing and deploying new initiatives at the edge of context. Many of which come at the problem from a completely new perspective.  We need to provide opportunities for personal development to ourselves. So we are commissioning Augusto and Matteo to run a 2-day storytelling Masterclass and project clinic.

  • We are already attracting attention towards edgeryders' individual and collective projects this is generating new opportunities for all. Better storytelling = more engagement, investment & support in members' work.
  • Some of us are already deriving a small income from public speaking. So if we are great speakers we get more invitations and more money. Also it's basically client-funded marketing for your initiative.

The Power Pitch weekend is a unique opportunity to rapidly develop your storytelling skills, and take your project to the next level. It takes place on May 26-27, in Brussels at the Reef.


And a third reason to choose Augusto/Matteo (“Dyson sphere: we try to keep the money in the community”)

Why should people put money into the workshop?

Critical City won every competition there was to win. They are selling presentation preparation to big corpses.

Also. Social entrepreneurs. I know them since 2008. Good people. Part of the community. Not your average biz guru bullshitter