Community Management

We at Edgeryders know how to build, grow and maintain a healthy community — from our own experience and from the many experiences that our community members share with us.

In this training program, we put together all of this knowledge through 12 lessons that teach you dozens of techniques to start from scratch, from our resident community experts: John Coate and Noemi Salantiu.

This course is for you if:

  • You are a community manager already and you want to enrich your techniques with exercises
  • You are an offline community activator and you want to start to use power of online tools to enlarge your circle of work
  • You worked as an online community manager already but want to have a larger impact in the world.

What you’re going to learn:

  • Understanding Community, the word, the history.
  • Affirmation, the first tool you’ll learn to use
  • Finding your allies, energy and how to build Social Capital
  • The hats strategy
  • Defining your netiquette
  • How to project & model your behaviour online
  • Conflict Resolution and how to face blowups
  • And much more…

Your Instructors

John Coate. Widely recognized as the world’s first online community manager, John was employee #2 at The WELL – the place where online community began.

Noemi Salantiu. Community director and co-founder at Edgeryders, Noemi is a community builder enthusiast, specializing in network weaving & content curation.