Complete last week's case studies and post 2 more interviews by thursday

Hi guys, ahead of this weeks call please leave a comment below letting me know you have seen this task. Then do the following:

  1. Indicate you will be joining via the blue button here (you will also find a summary of last week’s call on the page)

  2. Contact three project protagonists (ideally that you found through hacker or makerspaces) and interview them. Post the interview transcripts or the full case study in the Future Makers Case Study Group.

  3. Go back to what you posted last week and refine it based on the comments we left

Second case study is up documenting Mostafa’s dream to revitalise Historic Cairo into a hub for social entrepreneurs, you can find it here.

So, as of current I am planning 3 potential Interviews with people from Cairo Hackerspace, Megawra and maybe just maybe an Education Hackathon.

And I’ll be travelling to mansoura next Sunday, June 28th to meet with Mu’taz & his crew, who are planning a makerspace to open in the coastal city in 2 months.


2nd, 3rd and 4th Case Studies

Sorry for not updating frequently those last days, I’m working on refining the 1st, and 2nd case studies.

Then by Monday June 29th ISA, I’ll post the 3rd and 4th with their translation.

Again, I’m sorry for not having Internet connectivity in the last days.

Omg I’m so late and past all deadlines! The protest in Yerevan is to blame as all my contacts with whom I had scheduled interviews(and myself) are attending the demonstration @ Baghramyan ave and not available for the moment.

I am now trying to get back in touch with them and reschedule appointments. Will do my best to have several cases up on the platform next week. Sorry for the delay :frowning: