Complete the Campaign Rewards design

During the futuremakers call on saturday we agreed that this week we would focus on completing the crowdsourced book campaign design and communication materials (see Inge’s notes for a full summary of what was discussed here).

Step one is completing the design of Campaign Rewards today.

We do this by reading and commenting one another here please:

Goal: we should have come to conclusions about the rewards by Tomorrow at 9.00 CET when we do a quick skype call to confirm.

Something better than nothing

I was thinking in addition to semi-finished goods and possibly specific outreach/group services one could perhaps try to find something by doing an edgy version of Christie’s or Sotheby’s Christie's - Wikipedia . Things that an edgy person could put on his desk and spark a conversation to an network / edge look on life if a potential customer walks in. Something that is ideologically / conceptually loaded. You know, a bit like pieces of the Berlin Wall. Duds that were supposed to be fired in a recent civil war. A signature from some of the Euromaidan first aid people on something generally helpful - bandaids? Dug up mines or bomblets. Ashes of burnt books. The generator that ran the projector or AC during some peace talks. TimBL’s socks or shoes (left & right always together for neutrality). Rubble from Nepal - perhaps from buildings that were right on top of the fault lines, or in some other way auspicious? Leftovers from rescue (not relief) missions (with owners approval)? Some of the pictures made by the kids at bottle house in Kathmandu? Customs forms that had to be filled out for relief goods?

This may not be to everybody’s taste - and perhaps hard to source (and make sure the logistics will work), but perhaps it’ll get the idea across and make people come up with other unlikely but better proposals…

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Great ideas. Repost in comment on rewards page?

I really, really like this idea!