Complete the team

Hi everyone, the Edgeryders contract with UNDP is now finalized and we can actually start working!

In the course of this week, as part of the preparatory work for Spot the Future, we’ll be looking for key individuals who are driving the change in Armenia, Georgia and Egypt, and who have the ability to attract and mobilize people on the edge in each of the three countries. We call them engagement managers, and they’ll be working closely with [Nadia] to devise a strategy.

I think there are at least 4 sets of key questions every engagement manager should be answering:

  1. Do I know of passionate people who are making an impact in their communities and whose voice should be heard? 
  2. Can I reach them and guide their participation in a global community of likeminded stories and peers? Can I inspire such people with my own story?
  3. Which social media channels, groups and fora would I use to put the word out and make it so that more similar initiatives become part of the voices in this project? 
  4. Am I willing to work with the core project team using the edgeryders online platform to coordinate and spend time online to welcome people from my country, connect them with one another and harness a conversation around their experiences?

Would love to hear what potential candidates have to offer as answer to these questions.