Computational Collective Intelligence

Looks like a relevant event where to present our work to the academic crowd. I understand they have the proceedings as a LNCS / LNAI Springer volume.

Have a look. What I have in mind is a pluri-disciplinary paper co-authored by ehtnographer(s) (@Amelia ), domain experts (@Alberto and others from WeMake and/or SCIMPULSE? WHy not City of Milano who seems willing to provide feedback on the dashboard) and computer scientists (@Jason_Vallet  and @bpinaud and myself). For now, we can rely on ER’s data, but I’d be happy to include more data if we have it soon enough. Submission deadline is in April.

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Bring. It. On.

Seems like a great place to anchor the speculative methodological paper on ethnography as a collaborative and computer-assisted discipline. @Amelia .


Sounds good.

let’s go!!!

Sounds very good and a good idea too.