Comunque Matera 2019!

So first we’ve been waiting impatiently, with a little help of spritz, in piazza San Giovanni. Fourty minutes after 5 the name was mentioned. Nobody believed, even if we all believed. The people started shouting, the wild roar of the crowd lasted continuously for 2,5 minutes, after which most of us cried.

After over a year spent in the south of Italy I can slightly estimate the scale and wisdom of this decision. It’s a symbolic moment, it’s an important gesture of liberation and empowerment. Mezzogiorno is definitelly one of the most powerful places I’ve ever experienced. With a long, almost never ending history of foreign conquerors, emperors and forced political orders this is one of these small but essential steps towards the more aware, powerful, active society that this region needs, and has, but it just kind of fell asleep long time ago, tired of struggling the seemingly impossible.

I will impatiently and curiously wait for the 2019 conclusion of the big run.

It’s been amazing to jump in the struggle so late, but actually twice, with LOTE4 starting next week and unforgettable BB Games last year, and become part of this beautiful, beautiful community of Matera.

Comunque Matera!


So lovely

Hard to not feel moved. When we went on the trek with Lele and both Roccos they were talking about this tree character…and then BOOM the walk. Very cool. If you haven’t already connected with them you really should.