Conducting Research for a ShortFilm Nature/Tech

Hello Everyone,

I am Eli, and I am currently conducting research for a project in visual/media anthropology. I believe that the experiences of all of you are relevant to the topics I’m exploring. The intersection of nature and technology is a vital part of my research, and I’m interested in learning more about your insights. For the structure of my research, I have created a survey. Additionally, I have a general question to open the conversation. It would be really helpful to have you collaborate and get to know more about your thoughts, experiences, feelings, and fears.

Survey here.

How do you envision the future of nature in a world increasingly shaped by technology and digitization?

Thank you!



Hi, Eli, what an interesting question!

As an European, I have had hardly any experience of pristine nature. Our forests and meadows are the result of three millennia of curation by humans, who deployed our sophisticated fire control and animal husbandry technologies. I see the future much like that past: a dance of nature and human intervention. Hopefully with more awareness of planetary boundaries, and more compenetration between human and non-human habitats than we have had in the recent past.

In general, I am skeptical of the Romantic idea of nature. Pristine nature is best left alone, while humans like to live in “tame nature”.