Conference on Mobility4Creativity, Ljubljana

Colleagues at the Creative Europe Desk (CED) Slovenia are organising an international conference on Mobility for Creativity on 4 and 5 April in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

More info and registration at this link
The aim of the two-day event is to explore the benefits and challenges of international mobility, including its environmental impact.

This sounds like something for the Culture Squad @noemi, @natalia_skoczylas?

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sounds good, but I am already booked for that week. Please @ingster keep us posted with similar events, ideally a little bit more in advance so we can plan and come (we don’t really have a division in Slovenia yet :))

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Will do. :see_no_evil:

I’ve been a member of ER for a few months, but only now having info to share. :grinning:
I’ll be happy to report to the ER community about the conference. Which section is the best place to share such information?


Hei hei, if its relevant to culture and arts - perhaps the Culture Squad? We are using that as a working group and scheming together ahead.
For a bigger audience ad blogging purposes though, I suggest Campfire, the same in which you posted this announcement!

Much appreciated @ingster, way to go for breaking the ice! :-))

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thanks, @noemi oemi!
Will post the conference results in Culture Squad for sure.

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