Confesseurs - follow-up

Hi @reef-full & @reef-associate ,

Following the proposal on the adjusted confesseur process, we would like to have a confirmation that all full members are aware of their maximum budget (21% VAT + 15% margin) at the current interest rates and we would like to do it in the following order:

  • Every household goes to see their bank, Triodos bank or Fond du Logement to determine their maximum budget (21% VAT + 15% margin) at the current interest rates
  • End of May (date to be shortly determined) we organize another day-meeting with the confesseurs to approve that & adjust the budget if need be

Can we kindly ask you to organize yourself to have this data by the end of May? Let me know if you have questions.


Hi @reef-full & @reef-associate
I realized that telling you to see the bank before seeing the confesseurs is not the best advice (personal experience). What i can suggest is either you to see Immotheker (confesseurs’ suggestion) or go directly to Triodos. I know some of you have done it directly, but if you want me to help you organise an online 30min meeting with them, send me what days suit you and i can communicate this to Triodos contact.

For those who want to calculate, Triodos propose this app (FR & NL):


If you are going to contact them, I’d be happy to take up your offer. Perhaps this will make scheduling easier for them as well.

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So I’m really struggling to get organise a meeting with an Immotequer in order to get confirmation that this project is possible for me.
Can someone provide information on the best way to proceed?

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We just went through their website and requested an appointment and they called us back pretty quickly.

We’ve had luck with the one in Louise and the one near trône…

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