Connecting with you

Good morning everyone,

This is a call to connect with those who are going to the open festival in brussels and are involved in the Arts as a contribution for a better world.
I would love to connect with you and know more about your journey and the kind of Art you are involved in :heart:
Let’s connect!


This sounds like a call for @kate_g, @alex_levene and (if they come, as I hope) @bernard and @thom_stewart!

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I hope they do :slight_smile:

Hiya Muriel,

In a recent past life, I was heavily involved in a cultural space / social cooperative that ran a lot of community arts stuff and things. It kinda convinced me of the role of the arts in social change, and of the difficulties of organising in flat organizations.

I’m currently involved in two organizations here in Galway. One is called Cosain, which is Irish for pathway. The model is a mix of peer supports and cultural engagement or art-as-therapy.
Ireland’s mental health system is heavily based on ‘beds and meds’, whereas we are more convinced by personal meaning and narrative in illness, horizontal support, and pathways to cultural engagement.

I’m also involved in a thing called An Ait Eile (, which we were lucky enough to get in to the Galway European Capital of Culture bid. We just finished up a month of events in the last week, and once we get over the exhaustion we’ll be thinking of more fun for next year :wink:

On a personal level, I like dance and movement-based things, that’s what I’ve found to be most personally therapeutic, whether physically or emotionally.

Hope to see y’all in Brussels.


Looking forward :heart: Thank you for sharing :pray:t2:

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Welcome! We are running early morning sessions collecting dreams on Day 2 and 3. Look forward to connecting with you at this meeting on care in all its forms.

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Of course :+1:t2::four_leaf_clover:

Hi Muriel,
I’m into contemporary circus and I draw and paint. I’m a member of An Áit Eile with Thom developing things such as a Galway Monastery/unMonastery. I’m also a member of Transition Galway where I grow food in our garden project that’s attached to a disadvantaged school. I also teach yoga and I design things.
I’ll be doing a session on the Sunday morning at OpenFestival on how we use spaces.
Looking forward to the event and connecting:)!

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I will definitely be there :heart: Looking forward to meeting you :+1:t2:

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