Conquer Fear : Motivate the Youth

Youth leadership and involvement are a must need for the development. Being oblivious about this will not allow a country develop. The 26th April midday shock has not only left the country and its physical properties into dismantling conditions but has also left thousands of youth in mental trauma. So, I believe the adequate thing to do to rise from the ruins is to help the youth come out of this trauma, motivate them for the future and have youths involvement in policy making grow. Let the youths explore the mysteries of life and let them have their say on decisions. Active youth participation can not only help for ease in reconstruction process but can also cease the slow pace of development and help us to achieve a more rapid and long-term sustainable development.

@Nischal_Joshi, this is actually a very promising start of an article! I would be excited to read what do you actually see as necessary to have:

  1. motivated youth

  2. youth involved in policy making

  3. independently thinking youth able to decide for themselves.

And then, what kind of engagement in your ideas could be suitable and workable in Nepal? What kind of movements and activists inspire you? What do you see as good practices, nationally and internationally? After having some context, ideas, arguments, examples - we can continue crafting a set of proposals on how to make this empowered Nepal happen. I am looking forward to reading more of it, if only you have some time to join the discussion.

what is youth

In Nepal, even a 50-year-old politician is term youth leader. So we need to spell out in clear terms what constitutes youth and what does not.

There is a law that regulates it in every country, organisation, etc… In some cases, they increase it to 35 years - this is how long you qualify as youth. I think due to the crisis and problems with entering the job market and establishing career, they will keep on increasing this number to justify the situation - we’re young, we can do internships and trainings, gain knowledge and experience, earn less, blablabla.