Consent to fast tracking the return of Seb and Aline's full membership fee

Calling @reef-full. I would like everyone’s consent to make an exception to article 4.2 of the Governance document (“Leaving The Reef”).

The article states that a full member wishing to leave The Reef needs to wait for someone else to buy his investment out. This is wise and recommended by Mark; it was thought for the case of somebody that wishes to leave when we are already building.

However, I do not believe it applies to the case of Seb and Aline. We have only made a very moderate financial investment, and the ASBL has more than enough liquidity for what we need it to do in the next few months, when we expect more full members to join us. So, I would like your consent to simply return the 2,000 EUR of the full membership fee to them.

  • I consent to returning the full membership fee to Seb and Aline, as an exception to the governance document’s article 4.2.
  • I do not consent. The governance document must apply as specified.
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For now I am sending this as a private message to the @reef-full group. Once this is done, I will move this private message to the forum for the sake of documentation.


On Tuesday 28th of May evening I will assume consent from those who have not replied. :slight_smile:

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@alberto it looks like the poll is broken. Could you please have a look?

Also, if the time for consent is so short, could you please put a message in Full Members Signal group?


The poll seems to work on my end. If you have trouble for some reason, just vote with a reply.


The poll is now closed, thank you all. I will now return the funds to Seb.