Consortium dinner + meeting: final information

Dear opencarers, we are almost there. Here is the final information related to the dinner of February 24th and the meeting of February 25th.


Unfortunately, both these events are invitation only, and restricted to the team and the project officer.

Edgeryders: @Nadia, @Noemi, @Ezio_Manzini, @johncoate (as a guest, for now), @Alberto

UBx: @melancon, @OlgaIvanovaUB, @LuceChiodelliUB, Adeline

WeMake: @zoescope, @Costantino, @Cristina_Martellosio, @Betty_Gorf, Alessandro.

ScImpulse: @markomanka, @MassimoMercuri, Stef

City of Milan: @Luciascopelliti, @Rossana_Torri

EHFF: @Lakomaa

Our project officer, Loretta Anania, should attend part of the meeting.


We will have Ethiopian food. It’s health, delicious and with very strong vegetarian options (Ethiopians “fast”, which means abstaining from meat, one day of every week). Let’s meet at 21.00 on Wednesday 24th February at Toukoul. It’s in the city centre (openstreetmap). If you come by public transport, the easiest thing is to use what Bruxellese call “pre-metro”, a hybrid vehicle that runs underground in the center and overland in the outskirts of town. Take line 3, 4 or 32 to De Brouckere. The reservations is to the name Edgeryders (or Nadia El-Imam if they forget the company name).


We wanted to have a nice, cosy setting. So, we will host you in the Edgespace. Come by 9.00 on Thursday 25th February to Rue Pierre Decoster 75 (openstreetmap). If you are taking public transport, you can take trams 82 and 97 or buses 49 and 50 and get off at Wiels. We are within walking distance from both the LOTE5 venue and the Gare du Midi. There are only two doorbells bearing several names, including Edgeryders. Ring them both! We’ll have warm coffee and croissants for you starting at 8.30.

The agenda has been already discussed and is on the wiki. A projector and whiteboard will be provided. At the end of the meeting (scheduled for 17.00) we can walk together to SmartBE for the LOTE5 opening event.

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