Consortium dinner on the 24th

Edgeryders (as the home team in Brussels) is organising a consortium dinner on the evening of the 24th. On the evenings of the 25th and later we’ll participate in the LOTE5 social program.

Could everyone please confirm:

  1. whether they are coming or not. 
  2. any allergies, vegetarians, etc.?


What time and where? …just because Lucia and I will arrive at the central airport at 20.30 pm



City center, 21.00-ish

We will confirm the exact location once we have made a reservation. Brussels airport is close to the city (think Linate, not Malpensa), so you should make it easily.

so, we’ll be there!


UBx confirms they are coming too

Hi @Alberto, you can count on all of us from Bordeaux: @melancon, @OlgaIvanovaUB, @LuceChiodelliUB, and Ms. Adeline Barre. We have no specific demands regarding the meals.

See you soon !


from WeMake

Hi Alberto,

Zoe, Cristina, Betty, Costantino omnivorous

Alessandro - vegetarian



It’ll be two of us. No allergies, special meal preferences etc.