Contact Ann Wilson

Hi guys,

a message from Ann Wilson who whom I contacted about your work in Nepal:

" Nadia EL-Imam suggested I get in touch with you - I’m running a small NGO out of the Netherlands ( with the focus of empowering marginalized communities in Nepal. However, since the EQ we have been busy with providing relief and support to the areas we normally work in. We work in partnership with VIN ( who are active on the ground. You can contact them if you want - you can mention my name if you mail the exec. dir. Bhupendra Ghimire on or give him a call (9851070 477)

But I also think you would be interested in contacting Bibeksheel Nepali - who as a grassroot party and who has really stepped up and is showing Nepal great leadership - they have been extremely organized right from the beginning - as all the members knew upfront that in the event of a disaster (if you are ok) you must report to the nearest hospital to offer your help. And that’s what they did - MINUTES after the first earthquake. Later on they established a 24-hr hotline (just someone’s mobile phone) but it grew to a whole team

Email: and phone 9851149214


Good luck,