Contacting owners of sites

We have received 5 more pre-feasibility studies from the architects: overview here. There are 3 sites (++, ++ and +++) that we can move forward with.
After our last meeting with the coach, I assume that now would be the time to try to find and contact the owners to get an idea if they’d be willing to sell at all.
@reef-building and @Lee, how do we proceed, should we make a mini team for that?

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Good idea!
I would have thought the more people on this the better as it involves going on site, so quite a lot of time overall potentially. So I would say team building as a whole minimum, but I’m happy either way…
And I would think first trying on site and then if no success going to the cadastre as you have to pay? It seems to be 15euros per request and you have to have a “valid reason”: Données du propriétaire | FOD Financiën . And I don’t suppose you get their contact details anyway?

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@Sophie_B this is risking to be a very big and very important task. At the same time we are looking for ways to integrate the newlings who didn’t really find a task or team yet, so how about you form a mega helping circle?

The way I picture is that you would ask all those who don’t have a task or team yet whether they are willing to join and to seriously commit, and for those who do, to pair them up with a “senior” Reefling and ask them to research one specific site.

What do you think?