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By asking a question around a topic that matters to you right now, others in the community can share what they know or offer a helpful new perspective. By talking about what you are dealing with, you may even help someone else.

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Who we are

There are over 5000 of us in more than 80 countries on this community platform, but we can help you find the right person. Here are our most recently active members. You get started by creating an account on Then write a small introduction to yourself so others with similar or complementary interests can “find” and connect with you!

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Find Opportunities for professional development

A world in which every human can live up to her full potential as a creative, responsible being. That is our vision. Our community culture is such that we collaboratively structure and share what we learn with anyone who needs it, whenever the need arises.

Right now the priority is mobilisation around Covid19 crisis response.

An online course with the aim to cover the essentials of remote work and collaboration.

Due to the crisis, many institutions, civil society organisations, companies and informal networks have an urgent need to quickly set up good remote work practices.

But Remote collaboration can be hard…

  • Frustrating calls where half the time is spent on “hello can you hear me?”
  • Coworkers located elsewhere than the main office feeling left out
  • Feeling you just wasted an hour in a meeting where half the people are tuned out, checking out their email etc
  • Putting a lot of money and energy on new fancy tools to solve a problem, and later discovering that all you really needed was some features you didn’t know about in the tools you already had!!
  • Assuming that your co-workers are aware of what you wrote … but you didn’t know, as it was never clear who would get what notification when.
  • The awkwardness of people behaving inappropriately and causing everyone else discomfort.

… We have made all the mistakes and found good solutions so others don’t have to.

In 2019, we produced a comprehensive manual on distributed collaboration in partnership with EIT-Climate Kic, Europe’s largest public-private partnership for climate innovation.

You can access it here: đź“— Distributed Collaboration Manual

Now we are building an Open Online Course out of what we learned to make it even more accessible.

This course will make it possible for you, and many others to have effective and enjoyable distributed interactions, teams and projects combining the best of many, many worlds…


What you will learn

The lessons and the learning materials will provide a mix of concrete examples, recommendations and general guidelines to make your distributed projects run smoother immediately. The general, tool independent, guidance will enable long term enjoyable and effective collaboration. It will help you to update your own work culture, systems and conventions for communication, collaboration and socializing.

How you can access the course

If enough people share the costs involved, we can make it completely free to access for everyone who needs it! You can help make this happen in two ways:

Make a financial contribution

Right now many of us are taking a financial hit. This includes the team who have put aside everything to quickly get the course up and running as a service to us all. Whatever you can offer is much appreciated. If you want to make a one time financial donation you can send it to:

  • Bank transfer:
  • Crowdfunding: sign up to our mailing list to be informed when it launches
Take on a task to help build or fundraise for the course
  • Write to to learn more what is happening and how you can get involved.
  • Join our mailing list to get updates on the course: Embed code:

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Jobs and Income Creation


A peer to peer incubator for business development

The Open Collective Intelligence Lab is a Peer to Peer online incubator to support entrepreneurs through online mentoring and networking. The program matches people leading purpose driven projects and ventures, with Mentors and skilled collaborators. The program is set up to guide participants through a step-by-step process of online working sessions with follow up tasks and personalised feedback from fellow entrepreneurs and domain experts.

Who the program is for

Project Leaders:

  • have an idea for a potentially self-sustaining project/ social enterprise/venture/
  • are in the process of validating their ideas
  • are looking for mentors, partners or any kind of support
  • willing to have shareholders, and commit to start new entreprises

Project Contributors:

  • Do not have a project/venture idea, but want to invest time and skills into building new paths to generate income for themselves.

Problem Owners:

  • have a problem that they care about
  • Want to be involved in developing and testing solutions to the problem
  • have some kind of leadership role in a context where the problem is very present
  • are willing to invest financial or nonfinancial resources into self-sustaining solutions that come out of the incubator

Project teams that are shortlisted for the OCI LAB intense project incubation track of the program, receive dedicated mentoring and specialized technical support to move their initiatives forward We use our collective intelligence to help one another navigate the complexities of building self-sustaining solutions to social, economic and ecological challenges.

Write to for more information about the program.

The Mission

Our theory of change is building dense networks around people trying to tackle messy social-ecological, economic and political challenges. Having a dense network around you is one of the hallmarks of social capital, and gives you access to expertise, resources, skill sharing and financing. In a dense network, there are many ways for you to get from one point to another. A key challenge here is for people with aligned interests to find each other, and as a community we’re out to solve just that.

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ZipCar founder Robin Chase on Edgeryders from Edgeryders on Vimeo.

Edgeryders is a network of 5.000 people in more than 80 countries who have been sharing their stories, their ideas, their problems, and their solutions since 2013. All these posts together are what we call our “collective intelligence”. Our data analysis team uses open source methodologies and technologies to create interactive visualisations of the conversations as they evolve. The visualisations make it easier for everyone to find and connect across common interests and new insights. The Edgeryders organisation develops and maintains these resources, methods and technologies to support the community as well as its own operations. This is all financed through revenue from research grants, consultancy and training for other organisations.

The best way to learn more about Edgeryders research, technologies or services is a video or phone call. To schedule an appointment, write to

Connecting with the community

Why share your journey?

What is a burning question that drives your work? How did you get started and what hurdles have you met along the way? Which doubts do you have about the work you are doing and the path forward? What kind of support would you like to offer others traveling a similar path?

By sharing your story on our community forum you enable others to connect you with people, conversations, opportunities relevant to who you are and the next phases of your journey

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Of that 5000 people, how many would you consider to be active users, meaning say, they logged in and made at least one comment over the past six months, or maybe even a year?

We tend to use that 5000 number in a way that givers the impression that all 5000 are at least reasonably active. But what is the real number?

doesnt matter. It is the number of people who are in your line of access, most of whom you would not know exist or to reach them.