Continuing the Case Studies Adventure and LOTE4 Meetups

We have been travelling from city to city, project to project during the case studies adventures encountering astounding people, intrigueing initiatives and coming face to face with our Edgeryder comrades. This procedure to anticipate and define what we understand to be Stewardship and to learn about the people driving creative and inventive infrastructures, digital assets and communities where the state is failing to provide has been supported by a succession of Meetups. These Meetups, some a crowd, others just a group of two or three sharing their outlook and secrets, on occasion with a fixed agenda or spontaneous discusssion. This process has proved to be a very informative and effective way to find out what was happening in different cities particularily London, Berlin, and Athens.

After our short stay in Berlin and a successful Meetup at Agora Collective with @elf_Pavlik @JamesL @Dorotea @Hazem learners from The Hackership, founders of Punk Money and others, we held a spontaneous hangout to discuss some ideas further that were thrown around in this Meetup and during a visit Teepeeland, one of the case studies.

This is documentation of minutes from that hangout between @Lauren @Dorotea @Hazem which posed many question only some of which were answered regarding the furthering and strengthening of the Case Studies Adventure and links to a further three wikis with three key concepts that derived form it: Dispersed Meetups. Making the Lote4 Meetup and Satellite Storytellers. 


Interview questions

Are the Stewardship questions suitable? 

We are finding with groups the concept of stewardship is leading to some confusion. Despite people operating within and around the concept of ’Stewardship’ they do not identifying their effort as so. 

Does it work to use this term ‘Stewardship’ when the principal motive of the case studies is to construct and define its essence.

How much creativity does the interviewer have

How subjective should they be?

Setting a Format

There is a need for a format

Does wiki or a post fulfil the requirements of the Case Study Format?

In order to know how to format the Case studies we must understand the overarching purpose of the information gathered. For videos content, what medium are we using, will the videos be collated in two one longer extract or be kept as individual ten miunite videos that pose three questions. (Can you tell me a bit about your project? What does the term Stewardship mean to you and how does it relate to your project? What examples of other projects around the world whose focus is ‘Stewardship”?)

Can we get groups and individuals to produce the videos themselves. This depend on required format

use existing video/filmakers,

Get permissions to use existing content rather than duplicate work.

What is the content? what do we need to know?

A written interview and a video Interview if suitable

What is the final outcome?

Map of different projects and people

Presentation of these case studies at LOTE4

To connet the people and projects we meet on the Case Study Adbenture byt inviting them to attend the hackathon or Invitations to people for the hackerthon and conference sessions

Continueing content in Berlin

Lauren has been finshing that three days in a place is not enough time to find projects, build relationshisp and follow up with interviews and write ups. It would be good to have Edgeryders to follow up on these new connections and create more content in each city.

@Dorotea and @Hazem to follow up on interviews and content from groundwork done by @Lauren and @Ben

Case Study Meetups

There seems to be a desire the continue the case study ER meetups. This was also brought up in the London Meetup too.

How can we make them productive?

Set agendas for meetups and use them as ways to contributing to LOTE4

Form dispersed meetups with shared agendas that have potential to lead and build towards the idea of dispersed hackathon and/or the continuation of work of projects after LOTE4 and build the the hackathon that we discussed with @JamesL in Berlin

Allow for a contribution of people who are not as active on the ER platform and recruit more Edgeryders.