Contributor registration by samar shaiek

Please provide us with contact information about you.

name: samar shaiek
birthplace: bizerta
residence: tunis

Please read the projects’ descriptions in this file and write down the project names of the ones you’re interested in contributing.

Which Project(s) do you want to be involved in? (you can choose more than one)

  1. AI Mental healthcare
  2. Alphawomen
  3. Colex
  4. Data Science Academy
  5. Didi asks
  6. Diyafa
  7. Kenzimor
  8. Leafs
  9. Pailleco
  10. Spellit
  11. The identity app
  12. Zed
  13. Zellij invent


Why do you want to contribute to the mentioned projects?

my current position as a member of the board office of the tunisian association of democratic women in charge of education and culture and youths , my position as a MENA Representative in CPDE Feminist Constituency ,and my membership in the CPDE Youth Coordination Team allowed me to acquire numerous skills among those whom you look for ( Providing leadership for Youths Working Group /Developing, updating, and editing various program documents and website material related to youths, as needed … ) I possess all the assets which will allow me to make a success in the role that you will be willing to confide me.

What is your domain of expertise? Please mention only items from the following list.

  1. Artificial intelligence
  2. Business development
  3. Crowdfunding
  4. Data science
  5. Event Planning
  6. Game designing
  7. Marketing and branding
  8. Media & communication
  9. Neuroscience
  10. Photography
  11. Product development
  12. Production Process
  13. Programming / web development
  14. Social Media
  15. Web Design
  16. Youth management

youth management


@samar_shaiek_66, @zmorda and @MostafaBaydoun, are you already talking? Seems like your projects and skills could have some synergy :).


Yes I’ve been in touch with Zmorda, and I am hoping sometime this week we’ll start holding calls to guide me through the process so that I can catch up.


Hi Samar ! thank you for your interest

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Dear yasser dear mostafa

Thank you for your reply and for the coordination.

Can you clarify why do you need a contributor in youth management please ?

Best regards

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@MostafaBaydoun ( Mostafa shared Here a small description about his project Idea)

I need someone with experience to keep the youth I work with motivated, and committed to the tasks we give them after the camp


hey @samar_shaiek_66 check here for further details about the proejct

hello @yasserMachat
well received thanks

would it be possible to arrange a call to discuss ! if yes , please would you indicate a suitable time so that we can discuss in more details !

thank you