Conversation format for culture Culture #Brussels

A draft version as we prepare the evening (event invite here).

18:30 Participants arrival
18:30 Introducing the context (Noemi, Katrien)
Why we are here and what we personally hope to get out of it. Timeline 2019: This event is followed by others in Bedford and Berlin over the next weeks. We will continue the series throughout summer and fall, building on what we discover. We are finishing 2019 with a meeting between cities groups, and performative dinner in Brussels or Berlin where everyone is invited TBC.
Important note about documentation: is where we will keep the conversation going. If anyone is not confortable with sharing something which will go public then please don’t.

18:45 Sharing by everyone: Why are you here? 30 seconds, not more.

19:00 Conversation opening: Yannick & Q&A - short questions please. The goal is to fire key issues at the room and quickly paint a picture with a lot of information.

19:20 Sharing by everyone: What is most relevant to you from what you heard? What challenge you are facing? What you are working on or wish to work on? Focus on the solutions you see.

20:10 Action points for the near future: What do you need help with? Can you help someone?

20:30 Dinner & drinks

On the side:

  • Ask a volunteer to take photos
  • Ask a volunteer to keep track of time
  • Take snapshot interviews with participants (1 question they answer in front of a camera)
  • Whiteboard/ Flipchart available where we ask each person to synthesize an answer to: What is the most urgent challenge you are facing regarding spaces to work, or live in community?