Conversation Overview 20th of May 2020: The second coming of big tech, statistics and the edgeryders online summit

Dear community,

Here a short overview of some of the currently ongoing conversations:

This conversation here about the power imbalances in big tech and remote work touches on many of our core topics:

A while ago we started this conversation on how to understand statistics in the context of the current crisis and the emotional effect of it:

Data can be gathered and interpreted in many ways, and we think we should talk more about it. DeLab has created a great resource for Covid19 related data. On the 3rd of June they will present their interactive resource and afterwards engage in a webinar discussion with you where we will discuss how to interpret data, how those interpretations influence policy and where that data came from originally:

Take the opportunity to add your questions and come to question some of those “experts” in data analysis we all rely on right now!

In the context of how data gets collected and interpreted I would also like to point your attention towards this conversation discussing SSNA as an alternative form of contact tracing: Reflections on SSNA and COVID-19: A Better Kind of Contact Tracing)

Finally, I want to inform again about the summit we are planning on the topic of “Making a Livelihood”:

You can find the preliminary program here:

Some presummit listening sessions will already happen in June and July such as this one addressing the current challenges food businesses searching for community-oriented solutions:

This current conversation here is also connected to it:

The main summit will take place in September. We are now working on designing and populating the events.

You can get involved with topics you are interested in, for example by posting on topics as the one below on unpaid creation work vs. paid bullshit work:

We are also excited to explore alternative formats for those summit events as you can see here:

Thank you very much great to have this community here!