Coordination Group meeting on 5 September?

Hello dear Reeflings,

Proposal to get going with a Coordination Group: why?

The summer break feels a little frustrating, because it’s stopping a couple of Teams from moving forward, but once all professionals are back in the office I predict that there will be a lot to do, and that it’s going to require quite some coordination.

This is why I would like to create a new Team (as an experiment) which I tend to call the Coordination Group and which would be the equivalent of what is called a “General Circle” in sociocracy.

Contrary to the plenary meetings (which we should use to discuss or decide on issues that concern everybody), the purpose of this Team is coordination and organisational issues.


Ideally this group would bring together all Team leaders, but for Teams who haven’t decided on their Team leader yet, it could also be anyone who is well informed about what is going on in the Team and who is willing to report back and forth.

Because of the summer break and our early stage of working together, I’m not sure whether leaving this here so vaguely put is going to work, so I am going to take the liberty to tag people and ask you whether you would be willing to confirm whether you could please check in your Team who would be willing to join for the first meeting.

@alberto (Finance & Legal, IT), @GiuSeb (Building), @Laurianne (Inclusion), @ChrisM (Facilitation & Conflict Management), @Sophie_Beese (Governance & Working Methods), @manuelpueyo (Communication Materials), @Pieter (Logistics) would you be willing to take care of this?

Of course everybody is welcome at this meeting, also if you don’t represent a Team, but for practical purposes I would prefer to keep the number of participants below 10.


I don’t think this can be solved by a Doodle, so I would just randomly propose to organise the first meeting on Monday 5 September from 8 to 10 pm.

Possible agenda points

  1. How are things going organisationally in The Reef? Any concerns? Proposals? …? => Team representative to ask all Team members and report back
  2. Summary report from your Team: How are things going? What are the key things you are working on? Any help needed from other Teams? …?
  3. Planning items for the plenary meeting: Which items? In which order?

If all participants agree with this list, I can make a more tidy, sociocracy-shaped agenda a bit closer to the date.

Any thoughts?


Willing to have the experiment, for sure!

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What a good idea! I’m available on the 5th of September.

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Ok, I’ll be there as the Logistics Lead :slight_smile:

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ok with me ! looking forward to the 5th. thank you

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Happy to represent Facilitation and conflict resolution on the 5th :slight_smile:

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@alberto, @manuelpueyo, @ChrisM, @Sarah and @Sophie_Beese:

I have created a draft agenda and saved it in the Team Reef > Coordination Group folder (internal link).

Here’s a copy:

I don’t think it requires a lot of preparation, but if you get the chance, maybe you could consult your Team at your next meeting?



Hi there :slight_smile:
I feel like I’ve seen a link for the definition of team leader and what they shall do, but I can"t find it anymore… Anyone knows what I’m talking about and where I can find it?

Hi @Sarah,

I once put a brief slide in the Powerpoint of the first meeting of Team Building. It should be in Team Building’s “Meetings” folder.

More details can be found in the book “Many voices one song”:

  • Section 2.3.1 (p. 34-36) on circle roles
  • Section 3.6 (p. 130-134) on creating and filling roles.
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I will be part of the meeting but did not receive any jitsi or zoom link, in case of…

@Laurianne and all, the Zoom link is in the calendar event (prefer not to post it in the public forum).

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Coordination meeting notes: 2022-09-05

Made into a wiki. Please edit if I (Alberto) forgot something or made mistakes

Present: @Lee, @Pieter, @manuelpueyo , @Sarah, @Laurianne @ChrisM @alberto.
Excused: @Sophie_Beese.

Lie explains what the coordination circle does in sociocracy. Ideally, two people for every team should be present. Delegates should be appointed in teams, and accepted by the coordination circle. All this is to be taken with a pinch of salt in The Reef (many teams, none of which has formally appointed leaders and facilitators yet).

Sarah does not like the hierarchical connotation of “Team Leader”. A discussion on leadership ensues.

Teams check-in

What people are working on:

  • Building: le programme; estimating the financial impact of architectural choices (example: futureproofing). Organizing visits. Preparing a plenary discussion on the common spaces, including a questionnaire for all Reeflings.
  • Communication: the flyer for the next presentation.
  • Coordination: preparing the agendas.
  • Conflict resolution: conflict resolution process in place
  • Facilitation: take over from Lie in plenaries; build capacity on facilitation; maybe innovation in the long run.
  • Finance: setting up the confesseur process and an accounting system.
  • Governance: field-testing the appointment of the team leader. Working on a membership document. Maybe expand and complement sociocracy/NVC.
  • Inclusion: good meeting with Luc Lampaert. Looking into financing modes of inclusive units.
  • IT: most of the work is done, so now we are on support and maybe some enhancement
  • Logistics: no need for now, but of course next month we have a presentation coming up.
  • Recruitment and onboarding: Ralf wants to onboard a couple of people ahead of time

How it’s going

  • Building: mostly OK, but Emmanuelle left, and so is Giulia, so this team is understaffed.
  • Communication: good vibrations, no problem to report.
  • Coordination: it’s lonely, at the end of Lie’s comfort zone. No action requested for now.
  • Conflict resolution: going well.
  • Facilitation: take over from Lie in plenaries; build capacity on facilitation; maybe innovation in the long run.
  • Finance: understaffed (also we lose Giulia). We need two more people.
  • Governance: going well, even with Alexandre leaving.
  • Inclusion: going well.
  • IT: smooth, perhaps too smooth, since we do not have meetings and so maybe we are missing needs that should be addressed.
  • Logistics: no need for now, but of course next month we have a presentation coming up.
  • Recruitment and onboarding: smooth and easy, only two people.

Support needed from other teams

  • Building: facilitation (help prepare the discussion on common spaces). Finance (costing of options, in the medium term).
  • Communication: clarification on our role concerning the website; from onboarding, do we have a role to play there? Clarifications on which languages to use?
  • Coordination: need a system to “break out of teams”, so that people can take on tasks for teams that they are not part of.
  • Conflict resolution: going well. Also, thinking about a task force to come up with a checklist for purchasing a site.
  • Facilitation: no needs.
  • Finance: no needs.
  • Governance: no needs.
  • Inclusion: finance and legals + building to cost the options.
  • IT: none.
  • Logistics: none.
  • Recruitment and onboarding: flyers from comms, but also materials like pictures of Reef. Assessment of financial capacity from finance (and building).

Topics for the plenary meeting

We look at a list of topics that people are working on, and try to schedule then for plenaries based on how close teams are close to finishing. It is agreed that team Coordination (Lie) is the guardian of this document.

To do list

Some tasks on the to-do list are more urgent than others. We move them offline with the people on whose table they fall.


Planning coordination meetings. These meetings are needed in connection with the plenaries, to make the most of the latter. However, teams should be minimized Proposal: monthly coord meetings, monthly facilitation meetings, so that the facilitation people are involved biweekly. The need to plan plenaries is important; if there are no dedicated coordination meetings, we should have another mechanism to populate the agenda of plenaries (for example, not we have planned the next plenary, but not the following one). There is a risk of having meetings about having meetings. Decision: monthly coord meetings for now, re-evaluate at the end of October.

Understaffed teams. The main bottleneck is finance. Ideas: ask Ugne; ask Marcel Heymans; and hopefully get someone from the early recruitment pool. The second important bottleneck is building. Ideas: draw on the early recruitment pool, and use the buddy system to speed up onboarding.

Single tasks. How can we find help for single tasks? Ideas: just ask a person directly, either by direct message or by tagging. Ideas: try to involve more the group. Decision: for now, we try one-to-one involvement.

Checklist on things needed for purchasing a site. Proposal: convene a task force. Lie to think about it and start drafting people into it.

Chris to facilitate the next coordination meeting.