Cost of setting up GraphRyder

Hi Luca,

I’m getting some client requests for approximate quotes and I’m trying to understand what the cost is of setting up GraphRyder and importing data from Discourse and OpenEthnographer.

Alberto tells me that you are most likely to know this.
Could you explain the steps required to me (I’m a developer myself so details welcome) and estimate the cost/time very roughly of setting up GraphRyder and importing a dataset?

Hi @hugi can you explain better what you need?

is it an estimate of the time to replicate graphryder for another installation of the APIs, porting it to use different data sources, or ?

if it is the first (install graphryder elsewhere, but use it with the same kind of data source) then the answer is: very easy, as it’s a simple single page application that only needs a webserver to serve the HTML/CSS/JS files plus it needs to have access to the data source

on the current production env, the app is configured to access which IIRC is a reverse proxy to
I did not install those though, @melancon and/or @matthias may be able to explain better

by the way I think it would make a lot of sense to produce a documentation (if it doesn’t already exist) about the component of the Stack and how to set them up @matthias @alberto

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Totally agree. We do need a wiki to set this up. I know @melancon has a more robust solution in mind, but we need a quick-and-dirty solution to be able to iterate and continue to learn.