Course on Graphryder ready!

It took 18 months, but I finally got around to writing the full text of the online course on Graphryder. Next steps:

  • After @hugi restores the OpenCare Graphryder instance, I can replace some placeholder images with better ones.
  • Need @owen to advise me on how to get it on

Ping @noemi @amelia @CCS @Leonie


Ping @mrchrisadams!

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Fantastic, thanks!

I can’t wait to see what the researchops community make of this :slight_smile:

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Hmm… it looks like the link requires someone to sign in with a google account.

I won’t be able to act on any of this for a while, but it would be nice to have a chance to look over how graphyder works in detail before Tuesday, as I’m curious about how to make outputs from November festival activity amenable to analysis with this.

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@alberto Two options here, you can log into the Teachable interface and create a new course syllabus there (check

Alternatively I can do it in the next week for you if it can wait.

Note the formatting and graphics can be a bit time consuming if the presentation is important.

For the front facing site I can add a new section about the course.

@mrchrisadams thanks for the enthusiasm, man, but we are going to need a few days to put the finishing touches to it. :slight_smile:
So: please stand by…

@owen: don’t do anything just yet, I need @hugi to restore my Graphryder dashboard, then to replace a couple of pictures, and only then the course can be made public. But thanks!

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@Alberto do you remember where is the video from OpenVillage festival, with you and Amelia explaining SSNA and graphryder?

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