Create a LOTE pack for future events and fundraising efforts

I remember having this in plan and discussing it among ourselves when Lote3 ended, thinking that we need a kit of some sort to make it easier to organize it next time, and especially be able to fundraise in a timely fashion.

If some Edgeryders are thinking about organising a Lote - whether at a bigger or smaller scale than the ones previously held, this pack is intended to help and provide all the information you’d need to make it happen.

At a minimum, such a kit would follow the basic structure of a project plan: with event description, design, objectives, team, resources, impact, timeline, and possibly a budget. If anyone feels they have insights from Lote3 I would love to read them and see those integrated in this kit. Come help, I’ve started working here:

Once we are done with a compact version, we can upload it on the platform and in the form storm group where funding applications are mixed and remixed :slight_smile:

I think we need someone to take the lead…

I have been musing we should start by looking for a conference director, and then helping that person to design, pitch and fund LOTE4. [Noemi], you have already dome impressive design work with your pack, well done, really! I think you would make a terrific conference director, but I was under the impression that you did not want this particular position. What are your thoughts? Who, in the community, would be willing and able to take the lead on LOTE4, of course with the active support of Edgeryders (both company and community)?

Laying the groundwork

Indeed, it’s not something I would be particularly interested in doing. Being the go to person for a lot of related event information eats a lot of your time and I feel I need a break from it this year.  I thought I’d build something preliminary to roll with, and then see who would be up for hosting the next Lote and taking charge. The good news is that it’s a shared effort, so work shouldn’t fall on one person’s shoulders, it’s only a matter of taking the responsibility.

Another thing is that whenever we come across some funding opportunities, it’s good to have these things ready, and the people who have been involved already know what it takes to build the event on the particular format we experimented already and saw the extent to which it worked.

To answer your question about who could take charge, If I remember correctly, it was [aden] who was telling us he’d like to organize the next Lote somewhere in Sweden, right? I think if there’s a chance for that to happen, now’s a good time to have the conversation and plan ahead :slight_smile:

prototyping next lote

I would be happy to take the (co) lead on this as well :slight_smile:


[Dorotea], I was hoping you would say that! I stand ready to support you in any way you can and look forward to working with you.

should I start ? :slight_smile:

Thank you [Alberto]


should I start now ? :slight_smile:

I’ll make a proposal how I’d like to proceed, it’s good to do everything with a lot of time to plan and make things work, so I think the earlier we start the better :slight_smile: