Create a template for track proposals

We need a one pager for how someone initiates a track based on a topic they’d like to explore at Lote unMonastery. It should cover: format, funding approach, planning protocol, who has an interest to get involved and how the community can get involved and help.

Option 1

A Lote lote track proposal is a session that participants would like to run onsite, but need to test drive it & generate engagement before the event, through research, collecting community input or reaching out to key stakeholders who could support follow up work. 

Tentative template:

Proposed title & hashtag 

One sentence outline

 > Put it simple for the non-initiated :)

The Challenge

> What is the unsurfaced need & what contribution does it make / to whom if solved?

> How is the need you are trying to address relevant to participants in the Edgeryders network

> How does Lote provide a useful context to explore the challenge, using community expertise?

Does the session lend itself to a contribution for the Guide to Making Meaningful Projects Happen? If yes, what would that be shaped as: written piece, visualisation, toolkit? If no, what is the output of the session and how the community & stakeholders can make use of it post Lote? 


> What would be a way for us to work together to address the challenge, when in Matera? Plenary with key speakers? Interactive workshop? Parallel groups? …

> How much time does it require? an hour? half a day? a whole conference day?

> What does the session cost? for example money to recruit high profile speakers, skills to document or deliver a writeup of the session?..


> Who should be involved and at what levels? These are also the people who could support follow up work: Domain experts & practitioners, Edgeryders already working on the topic, Anyone from the public sector in Europe? Organisations interested to research the topic & fund the track?..

Call for community involvement

> What do you need Edgeryders to help with? eg Input, References to back up the proposal, reaching out to key stakeholders, chase funding for the session – eg to bring in keynote speakers?

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Option 2

Another way to go is think in terms of a crowdfunding campaign, which is focused on resources needed for the session and the steps to pursue them:

A template for planning crowdfunding campaigns by Edgeryders