Create an unPilgrim's infopack with critical LOTE3 information

We are drawing nearer to LOTE3, and – as always in these cases – suddenly people realize they need practical information: timetables, contact numbers, addresses, maps etc. Additionally, people who don’t have an Italian mobile phone might find it expensive or cumbersome to access the Internet while on the road.

Can someone take the lead for producing an “unPilgrim’s Infopack” with the most important information in a downloadabl and easy-to-print format?

I can.

I’ll start working on that, although it may not be a one person task.

So far we’ve agreed on a couple of stuff in the community call:

  • practical details : moving around Matera, venue coordinates (these ones still valid right? map); meeting point at the unMonastery, welcoming team there starting Sunday 27th- havartu, Noemi, David to mention a few

    @ritao or @ilariadauria should I put you as contact persons = name + phone no. for emergencies?

  • NB bring your own food, sharing encouraged

  • good practice onsite: highlight the importance of documentation, keep the venue tidy etc

If anyone has questions or thinks something should be in it feel free to add it in the wiki with Q&As someone set up a while ago, or here.

Yay it’s happening, one last piece of leg work to put in :)) (keep telling myself that!)

need help?

Noemi, let me know if I can help.

Thanks dear!

If you could think about what should be in it so that i’m not missing anyhting it would be great. And let’s meet on Monday and put everything together ok? I’ll ping you!


Ok, Monday.


… and I’ll think about it meanwhile.

Weekend placut !! :- D

pre-LOTE#3 welcoming letter from honourable welcoming team

welcoming pre-LOTE#3 welcoming letter from the LOTE#3 welcoming committee
Honourable unPompous Host Team deepest wishes for all arrivees
Unlike previous gatherings under the Living-on-the-Edge brand name, this one is unsubsidised.  Our Vow of Poverty has been taken for us.  

We will be meeting new organic challenges of both practical and spiritual nature.  Beds are not automatically available, food shall not arrive miraculously on our plates.  In fact, we shan’t necessarily have plates.

While in both Stasbourg and Bruxelles we produced an obscene amount of garbage for such a future conscious concern, in Matera this is not permissible. If we are to establish our unMo creds, we are to be ideal citizens from the moment we step off the bus.

At this point major structural needs are not solved.  Our meeting locations are under negotiation (and/or renovation), it is unsure if we have a collective kitchen that can serve 100+ hard working stomachs.  We definitely don’t have a servant caste with dish washing duties.  

It is therefore desirable that everyone travel with their own eating kit: cup, bowl, pocket knife, chop sticks, washing cloth.  Also, in genuine monk-style, it is anticipated that everyone access their humility gene and exercise great consideration for their fellow unPilgrims.  We are largely meant to gather our own food and generously share it around.

As an additional challenge to help tweak participation: the host team respectfully encourages everyone to prepare themselves as workshop leadership with a 'mini' 4 minute workshop that we can exchange in small groups as small as one-on-one.  Workshop themes can be as wide as possible, either in or outside the thematic realm of the unMO and the 46 actions of community service.  A separate posting that further unpacks the possibilities in this suggestion will soon be available.

The third challenge of the LOTE is to transcend itself.  With a reported 120 participants descending from around the world, it is easily possible to spend 5 days in Matera and only meet one another.  If this were to occur, it would be a grave omission.  During the March meeting between ERs and local activists, it was revealed unto us that the best manner to experience the spirit of the Sassi was to explore it solo.  The recipe from Antonio was to do these solo journeys twice; once by day, once in the dark.  It is therefore highly recommended that as unPilgrims we all boldly GET LOST in our host community.  Bring good walking shoes.

Another challenge has been thrown our way by the nature of the Sassi – all the unMo buildings are small caves.  If all the 100+ participants were to crowd into our allotted venue, it would become a badly ventilated, funky dance hall with little space for coherent discussion.  As a result, it is likely that we will be unPraying for good weather, and adopting the outdoors as spontaneous meeting areas.  To make this necessary expansion a comfortable experience in almost all weather, it would be very useful if everyone brings a pillow and a blanket with them in their baggage as ‘reverse souvenirs’ – these could then be left in Matera as an investment into the future comfort zone of the unMonasteriani.


— insert further words of mutual encouragement and enthusiasm here — at your leisure

Our Warmest greetings from the Honorable unPompous Host Committee,

Dorethea Mar Bembo Davies  Håvard Tunheim 
Atmosphere Choreographer Precious Fountain of Fresh Tradition Ambassador of Counterbalance



Dearest Noemi! Of course you can: +39 338 664 99 93.

I will be in Matera 21,22,23 of October, and then again from 29 of Oct to 3 of November but in any case available over the phone to answer and give indications!

Anything else needed for material?

here I am

Dearest [Noemi] and you all my phone number is: +39 333 272 10 62 . Anyway I’am sure to meet you almost everyday!

here I am

Dearest [Noemi] and you all my phone number is: +39 333 272 10 62 . Anyway I’am sure to meet you almost everyday!

I have few questions, I drop them here, and in the Q&A wiki:

  • Will be there a chance to borrow some of the following technology for the event: microwave, tea-kettle, big thermos (Bembo mentionned samovar).

  • If I want to get a pay-as-you-go sim, can anyone recommend which one to buy? (And is it worth it at all)

I will be in Matera on the 27th and located somewhere in the centre. Hope will make myself somehow useful before the event starts. For example, see if the “bring your own food model” can be upgraded into “partial catering” somehow, provided some of us will have access to kitchens. However, I might be in my North European mindset - May be the only thing required is to list the closest to the venue providers of affordable readymade food.

Bembo! So, 1hour to meet everyone face to face, provided that we don’t sleep. According to the internet a torrential rain shower is expected on the 29th for us to appreciate the character of interiors.

As far as I understood

…the kitchen utilities in the unMonastery won’t be ready, we will have but 4 rooms + 2 bathrooms. Am I right [Rita O]?

Maybe Matera 2019 or Casa Netural will be able to lend us some of these? On the other hand, at least some of the participants, myself included will have access to kitchen - so we can, if the time allows it, to cook for more, borrow utilities and so on.


Dear @ritao and @ilariadauria,

Sorry to bother you with more questions, but for the infopack:

  1. Do you know if there is any place at Matera with free WIFI? (will the unMonastery have it?)

    It could be useful for the infopack… that way one may communicate with others without having a local SIM card, or using roaming, besides browsing online, sure!

  2. And in case of wanting to buy a local SIM… recommended any operator or/and any specific place where to buy…

Thank you!

Need to ask!

Dearest, no problem! Let me ask, I have no idea!


[pacheca] this is a really important point! Many (I would say most) cafes in the Sassi and the center of Matera offer free wi-fi – they are run by smart people, so they put up signs saying clearly so to attract punters. The unMonastery is definitely going to have best-effort connectivity: we don’t know if we can cater to 100 people, though!

If you have a smartphone, this app for all main mobile OSs taps into a citizen-generated database with tens of thousands of wi-fi hotspots all over Italy. Best to download

I am not sure about the best operator, sorry…

Dearest Pacheca, yes indeed! No free Wifi in Matera (yet!) but cafés such as Vicolo Cieco (close to the venue) held by Nando Irene and Stefania Novembre has! For the operator, apparently they are all ok (Tim, Wind, Vodafone and La3). You can get a card in a shop such as Gaudiano in Piazza Vittorio Veneto.


Alberto and Ilaria, thank you so much!  ;- )

I’ll had this comments to the infopack.