Create and share the workplan for the first six weeks of blog posts

We need to give UNDP an overview of the workplan for the next six weeks. Who gets featured on the blog? Who else are we reaching out to?

Assigning to @Masha Cheriakova, under the supervision of @hexayurt as always.

Workplan for the first six weeks of blog posts.

I can send this work plan to Sanaka, Slava and Olga (more people?) today. What do you think?

Alesia Pchelka ; Kalilaska, first charity shop in Belarus. Very touching and Inspiring story of a girl who saw many unused things being wasted and who then decided to sell her camera and start her social enterprise: Kalilaska. A shop and collection point for old or unused stuff. 95% goes to charity 5% is sold in the shop. Moreover this story tells us about the emotional and financial struggle to maintain this shop. Alesia and her team had to overcome many barriers: having to battle against the non willingness to buy second-hand clothing, really closing their store because of financial problems, and eventually finding another place where they can re-start their business. It is a story of perseverance and a very strong will to create awareness in Belarus for conscious consumption.

Ludmila Skradal: Tours for Blind people: A young lady who does amazing work in Belarus. She developed a project that opens Minsk city to blind people. Also she develops in cooperation with her partners 3D models of buildings in Minsk, so they actually are able to touch them and thus ‘see’ them. Moreover she is a proffesional tourguide for people that are interested in blindfolded tours through Minsk. This is not only a fun way to discover a city but it also raises awareness on how blind people are actually ‘seeing’ the world.

Mikhail Volchek: leader of Falanster and as evangelist of Creative Commons. But he did a lot more: all-Belarus street football championship (dedicated to Belarusian national heroes), movie club, self-published magazine etc.

Konstantin Reido, Stuffmates: Shared economy: Sharing your stuff with your mates, this is how it all began couple of months ago. Konstantin has always been inspired by leo babauta and minimalism and wanted to share this with his country that is becoming more obessed with materialistic stuff. Therefor he developed with this team a website called A platform that allows people to put their ‘stuff’ on and share it around. You can think of stuff like a tent or a costume that you usually need once or twice a year.

Georgy Zaborsky, an architech and futurologist, who is very enthusiastic about city space organization. One of the founders of ME100, organizer of Creative City workshop.

Olga Stoliarova, Who is the initiator of a great project involving “Photo Exhibition” - Its mission - to support women who find themselves in difficult situations, have lost confidence in themselves and as a result could hardly find the strength to raise their kids. Stylish remake and professional photo session for these women as to demonstrate how beautiful and charismatic they are. A photo can change your life. Olga is a proffesional photographer who wants to use her camera to help people.

Misha Liakh and Pasha Slunkin form the co-founders of “Ties” that is is a pre-employment workhop and a platform for connection between talented youth and the employers. Behind this idea lies a bigger change that Misha and Pasha try to achieve namely fighting against the brain drain in Belarus. Many young and talented people flee the country to find better oportunities elsewhere. Ties tries to give the youth additional training in soft skills and the connection between organisations that could offer this group of talented youth a job. In March 2014 TIES team has already launched their first pilot project for young and ambitious people, who want to get hired by best employers.

Vitali Pavlogradski and Denis Vasiliev. Who are magicians and and who want to develop their school of magic project into a real social enterprise. School of magic learns kids and adults to perform magic tricks. They can use it like a hobby or they can start like professionals. Our school will be the one and only in Belarus. The lessons will help the students to increase their self-esteem, improve communicative skills, to think, concentrate, move better, to achieve their life goals faster. B money that we’ll earn we provide the financing of our charity The Healing of Magic program where we’re learning for free children with disabilities to show the magic tricks to support their rehabilitation process. The Healing of magic involves the teaching of simple magic tricks to kids and adults with disabilities, victims as stroke, accident, spinal cord and head injuries, etc. By this learning people achieve new skill levels that enhance their rehabilitation process as well as develops and improves their self-esteem.

Svetlana and Shiloh Banks: Who are a couple (Banks), and believe that love and beauty is the best inspiration for creating things. This couple has a beatiful and inspiring story to tell. Svetlana Banks is almost fully paralyzed and can only move her head. Shilow moved from the US to be with her. When they got married they found a lot of good things they can do together. They learned a lot about making soap, candles, and supplies for the body for bathing. They use different natural resources to make their products. While Svetlana chooses the right smells, colors, and oils, Shiloh helps her to mix everything together and to pour the soap into the forms. They also make clothes by hand, by knitting, crocheting and using a knitting machine to help. Svetlana makes the design and Shiloh the clothes. They dream to open their own store where they can sell their products and show other people how to make it. They would like to make all the documents we need so we are able to sell our products. Besides creating and selling their products, they would like to find 25 disabled people or more who make beautiful products with different stuff who can sell their producs in their store.

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