Create home page like for LOTE3

This is the model. Noemi can you create this?

Looks better now?

I think this is it, but had to manually add a path: /t/lote4-the-stewardship/359-about

(The automatic one leads to the Futurespotters about page )

That page does look better but I was thinking about a difft one

A new one called Home. Where we have a beautiful photo or trailer video, a sentence and faces of people who are coming. I think people who popped up on that view on the LOTE3 Home page had tick a box in their profiles, no?

In any case I think its a good aesthetic for all the pages. Menue. Beautiful photo/video (but cropped, the one on about page e.g. is too high i.e. too much scrolling). Then a little content. And links to learn more.

On registration (then create a view)

Yes, the view on the minisite home was created based on who ticked the box saying they’re coming.

It’s a matter of making a decision on how registration works:

Option 1:

you tick a box on your user profile = you signal you want to come -> you are sent to the Join a team page = you join and earn your spot. 

We want however to make it clear that unless you earn a spot you can’t come. I would try to even shorten this

Option 2

you Join a team directly on the page -> you click on the task and leave a comment -> you are committed to help & therefore earned your spot.

And then team coordinators take it from there to make the most to engage every person in the team - either sending them on Makerfox where other tasks are listed or elsewhere on this platform…

If we can agree on this, then the matter is to create a view listing everyone who is signed up on at least a team (is there a way to retrieve these names via the Featured Tasks view?).

Option 2 is better

We dont exclude anyone, because people can sign up to do one of the tasks on arrival. Serendipity is a big asset so we don’t exclude people a priori. Just make it clear what the social contract is.