Create the 2016-11-11 newsletter

Hello community

how about having a newsletter this week?

I think i’d be nice to have a couple of updates about

  • LOTE6 preparations

  • what’s new in OPENcare

  • what’s new in the Culture Squad

  • maybe make a call for those who go to CCC | Home ?

And anything you find interesting, relevant and worth spreading in the network. Let me know by commenting here until the 10th of November noon CET.

Followup to Open&Change

I don’t think the newsletter went out, and better it didn’t.

It would be great to include a few things from the aftermath of our OpenandChange campaign - Ybe’s tour in Calais and now the Balkans being the greatest example. For other individual projects - I’m now looking at ways we can support their progress independent of the application result… We should include calls on that too, maybe identify other funding opportunities. We learned so much it would be a pitty to stop here.

If you have ideas and time over the next days @Natalia_Skoczylas let’s talk… I’m not feeling very creative these days and would need help.

Cool, I have one more thing from Nadia to include, I could prepare it and send it by tomorrow.

About the call for support, maybe we can have a dedicated newsletter for that - identify people and their needs, and then send out a letter in which we present the ongoing projects and describe what’s needed to help them keep on going?

we can talk any day this week, I am relatively free packing for Asia :wink: