Creating new realities

Hey dear fellow edgeryders!

How can we create the most amazing world by being all of ourselves? How can we explore more of our loving and creative potential as well as create a world that reflects this inner beauty and love?

These are two vital questions for me and why I’m “Creating new realities”. There’s this beautiful play between the physical world and the non-physical (spiritual), which goes beyond words and at the same time can be very simple in heart. In my experience we are learning to trust and act upon our hearts’ desires and letting go of the certainties of the known. Learning to be fully into life and at the same time peacefully creating the life that’s feels really good, often being unpredictable, confronting with new challenges along the way of growth. Yet, totally clear from another perspective, which is often only afterwards understood.

To me there’s roughly two aspects to creation, finding love and expressing it. In whatever way feels most relevant. So creating new realities is about this expression. Expressions of love, expressions of fascination, of being intrigued by a question. This passion, like life can often only be looked upon afterwards. Yet is highly stimulating during the process. At the same time, we can experience a deep peace from within. Growing and integrating. Expressing and being silent. Creating new realities requires both in my experience. Going into something, almost blindly. Being into the question, into life, almost unconsciously. Letting go of what I already know. And at the same time being fully aware of what’s happening, even when I don’t know where I’m going. I’m fully aware of what I’m experiencing, all of the feelings and sensations, getting to know myself. To me, creating is about holding space and love, it’s also about exploring new states of being. More expansive versions of myself. Going into the unknown. Creating new realities, riding the edges, exploring new perspectives, and at the same time, taking care of each other, holding space, accepting all of yourself and everyone around you. Knowing the lows to accept the others and overcoming doubt, finding highs to thrive and create a more amazing life.

So can we do that?

Create new realities and find deeper love within and for each other? Can we create and hold space? Can we set up a world that’s a reflection of the love and creative potential? Can we shine light on some of the systems that enslave us (like the way money is used to control us) and create new systems that support the dynamics of our potential? Can we let go of heavy concepts and perceptions such as ownership? Can we create a world that’s natural and harmonious, yet inspiring and unknown? Can we co-create out of passion rather than looking for security? Can we step into the unknown and create with love? So how do we deepen the understanding of ourselves and our behaviours? And more importantly, how can we let go of everything that doesn’t serve us. Can we accelerate into loving ourselves? Which techniques can we use? Which perspectives can we take? And physically how can we create lifes that actually feel inspiring and authentic?

Over the last years I’ve been organizing several series of meetings about personal transformation and living from the heart (for instance; Vrij met Geld/ Free with Money). Also I’ve worked and lived with changemakers communities, for instance at the Synergyhub in Rotterdam and several ecovillages/ ecocenter’s, as well as intensely researched the topic of enlightenment and spiritual growth and the physical world. Over the last months I’ve started writing a book: Step into creation - guidebook for a co-creative universe. Recently I’ve started a platform “Creating new realities”. One of the important lessons I learned is: “you can’t co-create if you don’t resonate” and “a little shift in perspective” is often all you need to get back into flow. When I stop resisting, things happen. “When I let go, I know”. Behind the known is a infinite field of potential. There lies true excitement. There is infinite inspiration at our disposal. And at the same time, it’s nice to play with the physical. So to make the world a reflection of our spiritual growth. To let both go hand in hand. To grow and deepen the quality of relationships and communities. To develop the society and create things that represent our love for the world and the mystery of creation. These are some of my most important reflections over my experiences. That’s what I’d love to inspire and catalyze! To create realities that are infinitely inspiring and joyful.

Looking forward to co-create with you!


Hello Ewoud! Great to read you on our platform - I wanted to introduce you to @Nadia and @Noemi, who live in Brussels and are working on the Reef. There’s a lot of synergy between your and our work on edgeryders, and I am really looking forward to meeting you in October at the meeting. You will also enjoy meeting @johncoate who’s been building communities in US for quite a while now. Welcome :slight_smile:

My curiosity + other communities around here…

Welcome on board @ewoudvenema and thanks to the lovely Natalia for introducing you to edgeryders.

Ourselves are in the very process of setting up a community space in Brussels (The Reef mentioned by Nat), starting small in our first year, but already looking for a bigger space in 2018. The most concrete and useful info I found on your website is thisAn 11.000 sqm house gives space to everyone who has an in^terest in contributing time, skills and resources into a manifestation of unconditional sharing and co-creation. How did you get hold of the space and for how long? While The Reef is similar in the idea of sharing physical space to support each other, the model for making it sustainable and not conditional on core team members or Edgeryders as an initial (small) investor is a challenge… which is why we want to run a session on co-designing it during our Festival in the fall. Of course, this is designing by doing, as we cant afford a year of just planning. Would you be interested in joining the festival?

Some other communtity building projects by fellow edgeryders which you could find interesting:

  • [urban] Cohousing in Lancaster, UK reported by @asimong to be dealing with challenges around mental wellbeing and dealing with conflicts 
  • At Cregg Castle in Ireland, stewarded by @Alan_Murray with a soft touch, as Alan has an emotional attachment to the place
  • CAPE virtual network in-the-making, focused on personal development and self-education in a holistic way. Their outlook on the future is related to an "awakening" of sorts (inverted commas because the language reads new to me, as someone not used to spirituality).