A holistic, integral, evolutionary, self-directed and self-integrated community


A holistic, integral, evolutionary, self-directed and self-integrated community (civilization).


To continuously and consciously evolve toward our highest potential through resilient adaptation to experiential existence.

To collaboratively design, develop, and implement the blueprint for an intentional need-fulfillment community where purposefully driven individuals are fulfilled in their development toward their highest potential state of human experience for themselves and all others.

The CAPE Project has a low entrance barrier for collaborators, participators, and community builders. With that said, however, there can be a substantial learning curve when it comes to acquiring a comprehensive understanding of what is actually being proposed by the Project. It is important to remember that this community proposal represents an entirely different linguistic worldview than most (if not all) other worldviews present in modern society. Fundamentally, the Community’s design describes an entirely divergent way of living and of understanding reality than the many worldviews expressed among the current population of the planet. This can present a significant motivating challenge for those interested in this direction. The design specifications are dense in content and many individuals who read them for the first time feel like they are learning a new language and integrating a new worldview, which takes time and requires internal processing.

First Steps and Key Features

As a first step we are going to establish a “Training and Research Network” - primarily for tertiary education | higher education - to enable educators to understand and facilitate the train of thought of an integral, holistic, evolutionary, self-directed, self-integrated and self-civilization and are looking for places to establish training and cultural exchange centers. With tis comes an network of self organizing solidly co-habitational care Nuklei.

As we have to exist within a framework of formal-operational rules (orange), at best early vision-logic (green), we have to establish a set of “organizational-bodies” to support the idea in the best way possible.

The key features have to be adapted as part of part of a living organisation! To date, our core themes are:

  • New Learning
    • Creating Creative Learning (Spaces)
  • Communication
    • Art
    • integral News Communication
  •  Socio-Economic Development
    • New socio-economic systems that focus on resource availability;
    • experience an reserch a new way of care for each other including health care and social security aspects;
    • develoopment of strategies for mental health and healty living environments;
  • Integral Leadership, integral management systems
    • living- and holonic organizations, Assessment, creating “Selforganizing Open Hierarchical Order” Systems, (olocracy)
    • centre attention on the evolution of human values and consciousness as the crucial factors in changing course — from a race towards degradation, polarization and disaster to a rethinking of values and priorities so as to navigate today's transformation in the direction of humanism, ethics and global sustainability" Ervin Laszlo
  • Sustainable Engineering and Application
    • Application of sustainable energy production;
    • High-Tech in ecological production processes.

The design for the community is not yet sufficiently complete to plan its implementation. However, we presently have a ‘scope of work’, and we are in the process of converting it into a comprehensive project plan.

We are initiateing multilingual communities and living space with people who focus primarily on inner development. Where we are working on our consciousness, because the crisis in our society is a crisis of consciousness. We shift our focus inwards, develop our relationship skills and transform our social programming. There should be as few fixed guidelines as possible concerning the personality and lifestyle of the members except the common to work toward a higher level of development. There are no ideologies, no dogmatic requirements and no fixed concepts.“
CAPE  aims to build a social net for the members, enacts "share & care" principles and provides a framework (legal body) for cooperative economy as well as a space for inter-generational "new", action based, co-operative learning.
CAPE should be a special place for members and learners to revive, a place to flourish, a place for young and old. Sustainable mental health is a result of continuous enthusiasm to our own development and a willingness reconstruct our beliefs.
We, the initiators of CAPE LearnLust & Living think that the acceleration of our lives and the deluge of controversy, often absurd and paranoid information from an ailing socio-economic structure leads to the desire of many people for contemplation, inversion and a return to ethical values that are inherent to all human beings, but in "our experienced world" increasingly seem to disappear. Sincere joy, love for everything around us, to nature, compassion for each other, time to talk, to feel and enjoy, no longer being so tense and stretched - internally driven, yet not knowing where to go.

Autonomous and healthy life for the young and the joyful old. To create the miracle called "we", which awakens us to renewed life! To unmask the process of maturing as ripening and getting wise. Therefore, we are now tackling this …
What do we perceive? Today our society offers almost unlimited possibilities. This diversity can lead us humans to exhaustion, confusion and disorientation, to sensory overload, burnout! Therefore, every human being is faced with the challenge of finding answers to the following questions:
  • Who am I really?
  • Why am I here?
  • Who or what gives me meaning and footing?
  • What is my inherent value?
  • Where do I want to go?
Our goal is to develop as a group to the extent that we understand each other at the height of the developmental stage now possible. These levels of human development are researched and described scientifically. It does not matter at what age we come together, it's fun and is exciting to get to know thyself and develop. As pioneers of a new action based, co-operative learning we share our special talents and skills with those interested. We are convinced that sustainable social change in the global community depends on the quality of personal development, training and the ability to effectively and constructively communicate with others. The focus is on interaction and cooperation, shared responsibility and authority, and the improvement of critical thinking. There is no 'teacher' in the traditional sense. Learning will be self-organizing, dynamically adjusted to needs and ideas of the "learners".


Hello @samadhi.0110 and welcome to Edgeryders. How did you learn about us?

Are you based in Greece? I’m not sure how I can help because I don’t understand the context, the problem which the CAPE project is trying to solve: “People feel lost in the cacophony of indusrial, per profit and political chatter” – this looks broad! I would recommend you check out someone @rainbowheart and his piece about his community/ synergy hub in Mont Soleil. 

Where would your living space be? Or is that already ongoing?

Thank you!

In fact it is an “international Idea” of various people living around the globe but are somehow connected to developemental issues, many of them  who are in contact with “Integral Theory” and “System Sciences”…

There are Nuklei in formation in Germany, Spain and one possibility in Greece. This Nuklei schare common iseas about kooperative, solidary ideas about the next level of human development and are willing to act as facilitators and “pioneering projects” regarding new social and care models. So in it#s very own way CAPE is as well a synergy hub - which of course can be connected to others. Hope this will answer your question.

I will check your recommendation as well.

Other than the project you mentioned we are building a fuctional model with real people (CAPE) and make different kinds of “open” knowlege availabel for a broader group as well as developing alternative strategies… (humaniversity project within CAPE).