Creating places for dense networks and solidarity


A session on placemaking and dense network community building in Stockholm on May 14th, at Impact Hub. Signups happen on Facebook, and if you want to come without being on Zucks Leviathan, just let me know and I’ll save you a spot.

Build your business in a meaningful and useful ecosystem - Join us for this session about core principles of collaboration, on May 14! (it’s free of charge!)

House Blivande in Frihamnen is a new and unique center for participatory culture, creative co-working and networked organizations in Stockholm. It’s designed to create a dense networked community, professional plus-sum games and practices of micro-solidarity.

This session is about those principles of collaboration, and about how to start creating supportive ecosystems around yourself and your work. We will cover methods and practices, and also talk about how to strengthen a community with online tools.

Who should attend?
You are looking for a way to build your business in an ecosystem that feels meaningful and healthy. You interested in being in or setting up mutual support-networks. Or perhaps you are looking for a crew or network to tap into with your ideas and potential. This session will also cover the basics of how to make online network collaboration work better.

Hugi Asgeirsson is co-founder of House Blivande in Frihamnen, a director of Edgeryders - a cross-European company of changemakers, and a board member of the participatory art event the Borderland.

Blivande House is a center for participatory art, culture and organizations in Stockholm. It’s a co-working space, and arts workshop, an event space and a community home.

Edgeryders is a community of changemakers that is already working on your problem. Smart communities are arising everywhere, working on hard problems from climate change to resilience building, from care provision to change management. Through us you can find them and engage them.

Event plan
18.00-18.15 Check-in, mingle, coffee 18.15-18.25 Intro by Coompanion Stockholm
18.25-19.25 Presentation
19.25-19.30 Closing Remarks
19.30-20.00 Mingle


Hey Hugi! Would it be possible to record that session and share with us? I won’t be able to travel, but it’s extremely close to what we will be discussing with Gideon from Artist Run Alliance (which is a platform on which Blivande should be featured I think) and other cultural professionals in Berlin on the 10th of May, and similar with what @Noemi will be doing in Brussels in 5 days - as part of the culture Culture. Plus, would you be interested in adding this event to our network of events under the culture Culture umbrella?

or at least have someone to take notes from the talk - I think we can develop together a manual for sustainable places.

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Absolutely, I’d be delighted to. I will add the tag that makes it show up in the website.

I’ll talk to them about it, but I don’t think they have a good setup for it. However, I can record a web version fo the talk afterwards with me speaking over the slides.

It would be great to combine forces around this!